Metro eyes purchase of 144-acre Nashboro Golf Club for parkland

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at 2:50pm

Metro officials are eyeing the city’s third major open space acquisition in just nine months, with plans to buy southeast Davidson County’s Nashboro Golf Club and convert its 144 acres to parkland.

The Metro Parks and Recreation Board is set to vote Jan. 10 on the parks staff’s recommended purchase of the 18-hole privately owned Nashboro Golf Club, which opened in 1975 but closed in November. Its acquisition would fall under Metro’s Open Space Plan, which guided Metro’s recent purchases of Cornelia Fort Airpark in East Nashville and the Ravenwood Country Club in Hermitage.

Nashboro Golf Club, which the real estate group Southeast Venture owns, is appraised at more than $900,000, according to Metro Parks Director Tommy Lynch. Under the proposed deal, Metro would by the land for $595,000. He said the company has agreed to sell.

Lynch said the city’s open space plan, which seeks to preserve land that could otherwise be developed, identifies southeast Davidson County and Antioch as areas in need of open space preservation.

“From the standpoint of meeting the open space plan and from the point of meeting the parks and greenways master plan, it falls in line with what we should be doing to add space in that part of town for parkland,” Lynch said.

A planning process would help decide the future of the purchased Nashboro Golf Club land, Lynch said. Broadly, he said the land would be used as public open space, retrofitted with trails and walking areas.

“On down the line, we’ll have to assess maybe adding amenities, picnic shelters and things like that,” he said. “But, what we’re thinking about is a 144-acre park.”

Metro’s Open Space Plan began with a balance of $5 million. The Metro Council, which would need to authorize the Nashboro golf course purchase, approved the $2.8 million purchase of the Ravenwood County Club earlier this month. The plan is to adjoin its 181 acres to nearby Stones River Greenway.

In April, Metro finalized the $1.2 million purchase of East Nashville’s Cornelia Fort Airpark to add its 135 acres to Shelby Park’s Shelby Bottoms Greenway.

“We had $5 million to spend on the open space plan,” Lynch said. “This makes it three very good acquisitions: one adjacent to Shelby Bottoms, one adjacent to the Stones River Greenway and one where we don’t have anything.”

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By: JeffF on 12/28/11 at 2:23

How many months ago was it when the Parks Department was called on the carpet for overspending its budget and it turned out it was because of all these wonderful purchases? Was it not determined that this overzealous acquisition path was to blame for all these maintenance funding issues?

By: JakeNashville on 12/28/11 at 2:43

Metro government is having budget problems yet they are STILL spending money on more parks?!?! GIVE ME A BREAK! Is karl Dean not man enough to stand up and put his foot down on all these unnecessary purchases? Until Metro can pay all its bills without fear of laying off workers or cutting more services, NO MORE ADDITIONAL SPENDING!!!!

By: mds61 on 12/28/11 at 3:09

Let's see....take a revenue producing property and convert it to a green space surrounding section 8 housing. Sounds like it will give the drug dealers plenty of room to operate and cost the city boat loads of money. Is that about it?

If the city is intent on buying the land, at least let it produce revenue from the existing golf course.

By: favriteuno on 12/28/11 at 7:08

I agree with mds61. From everything I have heard about Nashboro Village, it use to be high end several years back, then 2 of the apartment complexes became section 8 housing and with the decline in the economy, it has been all downhill from there. I am sure the property owners have been thrilled by the decline in their property value due to the section 8, and excited that they will loose any value remaining when it becomes a park. Come on people, if you want to do something good, keep it as a golf course and bring in the First Tee to reach out to the kids in the Nashboro Area and Antioch. This will give the kids something positive! Not all kids live in the inter city. The First Tee mission is "To impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf."

Come on Vince Gill, help me out with this!!!!

By: CrimesDown on 12/28/11 at 8:48

When you purchase something, it is spelled "buy", not "by".....Just saying.

By: Lou2 on 12/28/11 at 8:58

Come on guys. This is tired stuff. This is a line item in a city budget decided 3 years ago, and folks really like parks.

Search the archives - you hear the same things said about Warner parks at the time, or just google Teddy Roosevelt and "parks" and see what you get. Yellowstone - what a terrible idea.

Buying land is never popular at the moment, always popular later on. So how to decide what to do? Listen to you, or the grandkids?

5 mil is a like 1 ounce of what the city pays for the Titans, and when they pull up roots 5 years from now, what have we got to show for it?

By: stevebest2 on 12/28/11 at 10:04

I guess they have the money from all the money they illegally steal from citizens who van't fight back!!!!!!!!!!!! More to come later!!!!!

By: ALABAMAISONE on 12/29/11 at 12:12

I am very disappointed in metro for turning a really great golf track into a park. I have played all of the Metro courses and this one easily ranks as number two in comparison.
I believe it would be in the best interest of metro to turn Two Rivers course into a park and utilize the Nashboro course for what is should be. From a financial stand point it would a much more intelligent decision.
So guys lets not make a really make a very STUPID DECISION!

By: NilsOrion on 12/29/11 at 5:46

Is it fair to write off the area because it has been in decline and some apartments are Section 8? In my time, several areas of this city went downhill, and most folks just said to let them go. East Nashville, The Gulch and 12 South come to mind.

By: bfra on 12/29/11 at 8:42

Hope Karl doesn't decide the London bridge would look good spanning the Cumberland!

By: fdanshep on 12/29/11 at 8:59

I do not know much about the area but if it becomes a green space where law abiding folks are afraid to frequent, then it will never be used as intended.Whether it is used as green space or reopened as a golf course, the cost is the same and the purchase will eliminate any additional development. That seems like a good thing to me.

By: RogerS on 12/29/11 at 9:46

First of all, Metro receives the money from the Tennessee Land Grant. They have 1.2 Mil left in the coffers to make this buy. But where the additional money comes from to improve the green space is a big question. Security for this property will be a nightmare, plus there is no way to access Percy Priest, which would make it somewhat viable. I work(ed) at this facility for many years. The residents DO NOT want green space. They already use the cart paths for walking trails and have access to the small lake for picnics and fishing. This is a pain for golfers, but is much more tolerable for residents. (They already have Green Space.) I have seen a lot of gang activity, vandalism, tagging, and children under the age of 8 wandering the property. Where are the parents? This property, as a golf course, polices itself. The staff and golfers are the security of the course and it's surrounding residents. They keep the peace. If this land is converted to green space in this area, it will increase the crime already in this area, eliminate quiet space in their backyards, and become a shooting gallery. This property can be a profitable addition to the Metro Parks Golf Courses. It would be the second best course behind Harpeth Hills in quality and fourth in revenue.
The purchase price allows for needed improvements and WOULD turn a profit. Plus it would provide tax revenue. Get a grip Metro!!

By: Left-of-Local on 12/29/11 at 12:30

Amazing how fast the greenspace-haters post. When I have grandchildren to take to these parks, I till be glad the city rescued them from our retarded southern sprawl.

By: bfra on 12/29/11 at 4:04

Is that left of local or left of loco - Did you not read the first to comments about the budget, don't know how bad the economy is, not understand, they don't have the money to keep up the parks we already have, or do you just not visit any of the parks. So what about buying a thriving golf course is so great?

By: on 12/30/11 at 8:00

While there are green spaces needed, this one is very close to the large recreational areas near the lake. The city has spent a lot of money on parks and green spaces for several years. Education has also received a lot of attention so maybe that will improve. We will have a new convention center. Maybe it is time to look at the basics like the roads, public transportation and jobs for the unemployed people.

By: Lou2 on 12/30/11 at 9:15

Metro can't do much about unemployment in middle Tenn, and frankly, I don't think most people would want it to try. Really want more city government? A huge fraction of the operating budget already goes into roads & public transportation.

If we are going to decide about how much the city should budget for parks, we gotta have some facts.

According to "Golflinks", Nashboro is one of the lowest rated golf courses we have. One guy posted "some of the worst greens I've ever played." Another said that it's "not worth $40."

According to "NUWireInvestor", golf courses take anywhere from $500,000 to 1 mil to maintain a year. A consultant for golf courses wrote: “A golf course is almost like a human being on a lifeline; you can’t take your eye off it for a second. They’re very, very demanding." Really want the city to spend a mil a year so like 30 homeowners can have their own private open space? That's fine, but I want that deal.

According to the metro crime maps, just using Ezell Road Park as an example, not a single crime has been committed in that park between now and July. Crimes are committed where people and cars are. People and cars aren't in parks at night.

By: yucchhii on 12/30/11 at 9:36

yucchhii AGAIN, NO $$$ for taking care of the roads in Nashville during the winter. All this black ice that cause MULTI CAR PILE UPS and NO $$$ for that? They're too busy putting $$$ where it is "NOT" needed. Mayor DINK cares NOT for the roads OBVIOUSLY and no concern for the homeless. Maybe the homeless should start to OCCUPY CITY HALL!!! So far about $600.000 on a new convention center that nobody wants (What's wrong with the old one? Then they want to put $$$ for a new nashville sounds baseball stadium...(What's wrong with the OLD ONE? Now this? I'm telling you mayor DINK, "DON'T LET SOMETHING HAPPEN TO ME ON YOUR CITY STREETS...YOU'LL NEED TO TAKE SOME OF THAT CONVENTION CENTER $$$ AND THE STADIUM $$$ AND $$$ FROM THIS DEAL TO PAY ME!!!

By: concerncitizen on 12/30/11 at 10:52

This golf course has been up for sale since 2009. 2 companies tried to make this golf course work and it didn't. Metro has Grant money for this and it is just sad that people don't want to see this area get anything new like other areas of Nashville. I am tired of driving else where in Nashville to do things when we can have the same in our area. This area has suffered enough on not getting anything new and always getting dumped on. Well we have a new council person who is intrested in seeing this area get the things that other area have and you people should be happy but all you seem to do is complain. For those of you who thinks it's going to hurt your property value in Nashvboro Village it was hurt when you were blinded sided with the Section 8 housing came in. Cause I am sure if you knew that was coming in your backyard you would of complained. Just sad that the new council person wants to make this area better and you people complain. Grow up people!!

By: SRJ on 12/30/11 at 1:48

Okay, First off~ I am not opposed to Green Space. Secondly, I understand that money from a previously allocated (Land grant) will pay for the land. My issue is with the cost of maintaining this 144 acre park-greenway. Residents of Davidson County are facing a massive property increase and soon. Billy Lynch was interviewed about budget cuts in his department, back in August. Several (newly-elected) Council Members were quoted in (local newspapers) advocating property tax increases just to continue brush pick-up. Where will the money come from~ This 144 acre park-greenway will need the protection of Park Police. The lawn-care and lanscaping will not be cheap. And then....who pays for the picnic tables, water fountains and park benches. It seems to me... that aquiring this land is the cheap part. Just my opinion...

By: bfra on 12/30/11 at 3:55

SRJ - That would be if, our city officials & some of the posters here, could see beyond the end of their nose & use some common sense.

By: Lou2 on 12/30/11 at 10:46

Common sense. Common sense means whatever if is best for yours truly. So what is it? That no one ever questions how much golf costs because golf is fun and played by good people?

Sure, I played 9 holes on a beautiful Christmas day at McCabe. Doesn't mean I want keep paying for an expensive course that's loosing money on my dime.

Here's a suggestion: let's put the cost of the course into the city plan for property taxes and let the folks vote on it.

If everyone is willing to pay a dollar more per year to help cover the costs, it remains a golf course. Otherwise, it becomes a parking lot.

That sounds like common sense to me. (Don't hold your breath for the golf course. Just saying).

By: papakub1 on 1/3/12 at 12:45

Could not agree more with most everyone's comments & rationale on the travisty it would be to all the citizens in the area if Nashboro Village Golf Course is acquired by the city & used for any purpose but a golf facility. Everyone loses except probably the criminal gang elements in the area. Taxpayer pay more taxes to support a non-revenue earning proposition that must be developed & maintained & secure for users; property values will continue to decline which will surely open up more section 8 opportunities as the current councilwoman wishes; golfers & potential young golfers will be robbed of an outstanding existing facility in an area of the city having no close access to to such recreation. And finally, the politicians who support such idiotic endeavors may one day wind up out of office as reasonable & responsible voters hopefully become aware & vote them out in favor of anyone that is more responsive to the public they serve.