Metro hires charter schools director

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 3:16pm

Recently resigned school board member Alan Coverstone has officially been hired as executive director of charter schools and private schools for Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Coverstone previously worked as academic dean for Montgomery Bell Academy. His first day of work for the district is July 20.

“We are very pleased to have him take on this new leadership position and feel certain that under his guidance we will be able to offer our students many excellent, new learning opportunities,” MNPS Director of Schools Jesse Register said in a statement. “His work in the private school sector brings great perspective and knowledge to this district.”

In his newly created district position, Coverstone will oversee Metro charter schools. He’ll oversee the charter school application process, and act as liaison between charter schools, private schools and MNPS.

Coverstone was elected to the Board of Education last summer, and officially resigned from his board seat June 29 to pursue the charter school position. Metro Council members are in the process of choosing Coverstone’s successor for the seat, which represents Bellevue and parts of Belle Meade.

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By: P51Jock on 7/7/09 at 1:28

Good we go again with the MNPS inbreeding program...Jesse Register is beginning to look very familiar....welcome back Pedro.

By: global_citizen on 7/8/09 at 7:03

What do you mean by the inbreeding program? You mean by hiring a relative newcomer to the public school system, whose first role in MNPS was on the school board, where he was elected just last summer?

If you think Jesse Register is even faintly like Pedro Garcia, you've just shown you are completely unfamiliar with both men, and probably MNPS in general. You're just another blowhard with a keyboard. Get a clue.

By: chosenrfew on 7/8/09 at 8:58

I am familiar with both Garcia and Register and MNPS and Jock has it right. Global you are so naive. Coverstone mentioned that he wanted the job, made a phone call to Register and got the job. Obviously you are unaware that there were other applicants and some more qualified for the position. It is truly who you know. I didn't know that being passionate about a cause would get you a job; especially when you don't even have the education/experience to back it. Register is no different than the administration before him. He has made no relevant changes for the district. He's done just as Garcia did; shuffle principals and titles and district-level positions. This is a call-out to the media to dig a little deeper at the Board of Education and there will be a multitude of material to fill your papers and airtime with. Metro Schools is still very resistant to change. Attainment of degrees or experience is trumped by who you know, fairer shades, and "they're a friend of mine" qualifications. I invite all to go to the Board and take a look at who does what and what qualified them to get and do the job they have.

By: P51Jock on 7/9/09 at 4:39

Yes, Global, Chosen is soooooo right on this issue... and as far as getting a clue....the "clues" are so many and right in front of you to examine. Was this not the same method that the good doctor Garcia started with...hiring people who were friends first...granted...Alan Coverstone is no Benjamine Wright but this method of picking people is not a good business practice for any hard and blow often my fellow blowhard friend !!!!!