Metro immigration bill would bolster federal labor laws

Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 1:00am

Three Metro Council members want to give some umph to federal employment laws prohibiting businesses from hiring illegal immigrants, crafting an ordinance that would explicitly prohibit the city from contracting with companies that employ illegal immigrants.

Donelson-Hermitage area Council-man J.B. Loring, the lead sponsor of the legislation, said he was prompted by a series of phone calls he received beginning roughly two months ago from an assortment of individuals, including some city employees, telling him illegal immigrants were working on some Metro job sites.

Along with Loring, Hermitage-area Councilman Harold White and South Nashville Councilman Parker Toler have signed as cosponsors of the bill, which the council is scheduled to consider on the first of three required votes Aug. 1.

Loring said his intention is simply to ensure the law is enforced.

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