Metro officers caught up in steroids sting returning to duty

Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 8:08pm
Staff Reports

Two Metro Police officers, decommissioned last year after their names surfaced during an investigation into the illegal distribution of steroids, are being returned to full duty, Chief Ronal Serpas announced Thursday.

Officers Stephen Reece and Danny Cage are being returned to full duty after the police department’s Office of Professional Accountability determined that steroid-related allegations against them could not be founded.

Reece and Cage were decommissioned in February 2008 after their names surfaced in the midst of a Metro Police-DEA investigation into the illegal distribution of steroids in the Nashville area. The police department’s internal investigation of the two was significantly slowed by the process of the federal criminal case, according to Serpas, as it was not practical for police department internal affairs investigators to interview the named defendants in the criminal proceeding until they had reached agreements with federal prosecutors. That occurred over the summer.

None of the persons interviewed could provide proof that Reece was involved in the sale or distribution of anabolic steroids, and Reece denied using or purchasing any illegal steroids.

The investigation also found that no objective evidence supported allegations concerning steroid use or sales against Cage, who denied using or selling illegal steroids.

However, the investigation of Cage found that he associated with convicted felon Scott Haines in violation of police department regulations by visiting him in the hospital, and that he conducted computer checks of certain persons connected to the criminal steroid case when news of it first broke in February 2008, according to reports.

On Thursday, Cage accepted a five-day suspension for those infractions, Serpas said.

Haines, who has a 2004 felony drug conviction, was arrested by Central Precinct undercover detectives in February 2008. Thousands of dosage units of anabolic steroid were recovered as part the investigation into his activities.

The joint Metro-DEA investigation into Nashville area illegal steroid activity remains active.


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