Metro parks land swap may preserve East Nashville green space

Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 11:45pm

A proposed land swap between Metro Parks and Recreation and the Metro Development and Housing Agency would pave the way for a small acreage park near Lockeland Elementary Design Center.

Behind Lockeland Springs elementary school sits one of East Nashville’s last remaining vestiges of dense tree growth. Neighbors in the area have pushed to convert it into a public park, but MDHA owns the property.

Meanwhile, at Charlotte Pike and 16th Avenue North near the John Henry Hale Homes — one of MDHA’s federal housing communities — is William Edmondson Park, which has long been maintained by MDHA even though the parks department owns the land.

An ordinance to be considered by the Metro Council on the first of three votes next week would give the East Nashville property to the parks department. In exchange, MDHA would receive the Charlotte Pike property.

The idea behind the new Lockeland Springs park would be to preserve the density of the woods and limit major changes to the area. Adding a mulched trail could be a possibility, but there would be few other additions or expenditures.

Metro Councilman Mike Jameson, who represents the surrounding neighborhood, said he and others are working with nearby property owners to work out the creation of an easement that would connect the school with the park.

“School parents are extremely excited about having a natural area for the children to enjoy, to serve as essentially a backyard science lab,” Jameson said. “Some of the parents and other neighborhood activists are already planning a clean-up of the area and other improvements that would essentially keep the area intact.”

William Edmondson Park would be preserved as green space under the plan.

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By: Kosh III on 10/15/10 at 7:44

This sounds like a great deal. The land on Charlotte is too small for a park. The land by LS connects to the Shelby Park golf course and could conceivably provide neighborhood access to Shelby Park.

By: Alphadog7 on 10/15/10 at 12:38

Jameson for Mayor! :-)