Metro Schools officials propose changes with 2011-12 academic calendar year

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 5:55pm

Metro Nashville Public Schools has announced its proposed 2011-12 academic calendar year, with major changes including eight snow days and 158 days of instructional time prior to TCAP testing in the spring — 14 more days than students are receiving this school year.

The Board of Education must approve the proposed calendar, which is slated to be done at the April 12 meeting.

Other major changes made to the 2011-12 calendar include the following:

* Instead of a week-long fall break, students will have two days out of school, giving teachers two full days for professional development.

* The first semester will end two days earlier and the second semester will begin two days earlier.

* The last day of school has been moved up by a full week – to May 17 instead of May 24.

Schools officials said numerous parents and students stressed the need for more built-in snow days. After the near-record number of snow days required in 2010-11, the district’s Calendar Committee took the original 2011-12 calendar — which allowed for six snow days, with the option of adding more days onto the end of the year if necessary — and increased it to eight snow days. The schedule still leaves room to fit in any additional days before Memorial Day.

Originally, the Board of Education approved the 2011-12 calendar in October, but district administrators and board members wanted to reevaluate and revise it. 

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By: treehugger7 on 3/30/11 at 6:35

What is the deal here? I never got out of school in the middle of May! School in Florida in the 70's always lasted to through the first week of June. Keep them in school! It's not like they don't need to learn. Just look at the postings on this board! They need more "book larnin'.
It isn't that we have farm kids who need to help plant crops. Sure, there are some, but not many in Metro. Was the school board educated in metro?! Get real about education and keep them in school!

By: ididntdoit on 3/30/11 at 2:56

I agree that the agrarian calendar is archaic and is putting us at a disadvantage. Two things will change this (because there are no other arguments against going to a year-round calendar): 1. parents must support the concept and 2. taxpayers must support the cost.

As a teacher, I would be thrilled at the prospect of NOT having to reteach the previous year's curriculum the first 4 weeks of school. Any time we talk about an alternative calendar, though, parents are the first to be vocal against it. Many feel the break is needed to allow the kids down time. Any time we talk about adding time to the instructional day or extra days to the year for professional development (so we can use ALL of the instructional days to actually instruct), we're told it isn't financially feasible. It will cost more money to operate the schools longer.

As for going past the third week of May, I'm for it only if the "test" date is later and/or the start-date is later (we started on July 29). I'll teach until the last minute of the last day (I'm notorious for it), but a few teachers stop instructing after the test. It's a month-long recess or moviethon. That's a very small number of teachers, but it happens.