Metro students have a new way to explore business careers

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 11:48pm

Backed by a host of city officials and members of the business community, the leaders of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce's Education 2020 CEO Champions initiative announced Wednesday afternoon a new event which will allow Metro students to engage with successful professionals.

The event, the Career Exploration Fair, will be held on Friday, Nov. 6. Metro Nashville Public Schools will bus in 4,000 ninth-grade students to the downtown Convention Center. Students will have the opportunity to meet with professionals from 150 businesses — an interaction aimed at inspiring future generations of success, organizers say.

“The Chamber and our business leaders see the big picture, which is that our schools, public safety, quality of life and economic development are all connected,” said Mayor Karl Dean, the co-chair of the CEO Champions.

The event will host companies from six key industries: human and public services; health; arts, media and communications; business, marketing and IT; hospitality and tourism; engineering, manufacturing and industrial technology.

Already the event has garnered over $100,000 in private donations, according to the mayor. The sponsors include Shoney's, Trevecca Nazarene University and the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Metro’s Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register said he was excited about the opportunity because it was the perfect opportunity for students to refine their goals at an impressionable age.

“This particular effort is a very good one to engage 4,000 students at the ninth grade level, which is a critical time,” Register said. “Ninth graders are making the transition into high school, they need to be thinking about their futures, they need to be developing four-year plans, and what a great opportunity to have business leaders from across this community to engage the ninth graders in this process.”