MTA pays $16M for new headquarters site in Madison

Friday, December 17, 2010 at 4:14pm

The Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority closed Friday on the $16 million purchase of the former Peterbilt property in Madison, on which the authority will have its new administrative headquarters and maintenance garage.

MTA and Metro Government shared in the purchase price, with MTA’s share $9.4 million and Metro Government’s portion $6.6 million. The seller was PACCAR, parent company of Peterbilt.

“This is a huge win for our public transit system, our staff, our board, the Madison community and our city,” MTA Chief Executive Officer Paul J. Ballard said in a statement.

Patricia Harris-Morehead, MTA communications director, said extensive flood damage MTA experienced at its Nestor Street property in May spurred the transit authority to reevaluate its needs.

“Immediately after the flood, we were able to identify approximately 66 acres of vacant property in Madison that met our immediate and future expansion needs,” she said. 

Harris-Morehead said MTA has not yet announced a move date to the Madison site, located at 430 Myatt Drive. The Nestor Street property will continue to be used for dispatching and staging the majority of MTA’s fleet, as well as light-duty maintenance work, she added.

Bus routes operating from the north side of Metro, including those for RiverGate/Gallatin Road, Dickerson Road and the Opry Mills area, will more than likely be dispatched from the new facility, Harris-Morehead said.

Since the newly acquired property has more square footage than MTA needs, Harris-Morehead said the authority’s management team approached Metro to determine if there was interest in sharing the property with MTA.

“There indeed was interest since Metro was searching for a location for a new police precinct in the area and had some other needs,” she said.


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By: WayneJ on 12/17/10 at 4:09

Obviously a new garage was in order after the May floods. Continuing to use Nestor as a staging area is also good since that will avoid all the extra fuel that would have been consumed domiciling the fleet out of Madison vs. Nestor's more central location.
Nestor also has a sense of humor - years ago these three signs were on the fence next to each other.

1 - NO TRESPASSING. (Fair enough)
2 - DO NOT ENTER (So if you are going to trespass, don't come through here?)
3. SPEED LIMIT 5 (So if you are going to trespass, and you come through here anyway, please don't exceed 5 MPH?).

By: concernedtaxpayer on 12/18/10 at 11:18

This property is worth too much to be a MTA maintenance facility. Why could this property not be used for a "corporate campus" or even for other manufacturing/distribution purposes. Purchasing prime property like this will keep jobs from coming to Nashville.

By: catenarykat on 12/18/10 at 1:10

While I can see taxpayer's point of view, the property was on the market for...what? Three or four years, and no one was interested? I think the Chamber was involved in interesting various industries, but no go. How long should it sit idle and deteriorate? Now, we'll have a strong police presence in Madison, other Metro functions will be there, and we're assured of first-rate transit service! It's not just MTA people who will work there. The people employed there will eat meals and shop in the area. All of this is much better for the community than a big, white elephant of a plant that sits idle. There's more than one side to this coin, and taxpayers will benefit from consolidation and sharing of some Metro services and facilities. It's not just an "MTA maintenance facility." Besides, MTA won't have to invest as much taxpayer money in improving and repairing Nestor Street, which could (God forbid) only flood again.

By: joe41 on 12/18/10 at 6:11

I would rather have had Peterbilt or some other manufacturing facility at this location providing much needed jobs for our citizens. Unfortunately the union forced PACCAR out and they are responsible for our loss.