Murdered girl's mother to testify on first day of Trimble trial

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 at 6:54pm

A jury of seven women and five men will decide the fate of Jerome Sydney Barrett, the man on trial in the 1975 murder of 9-year-old Marcia Trimble.

Jury selection was completed Tuesday afternoon in Davidson County Criminal Court. The jury includes three blacks and nine whites, all residents of Davidson County. Two alternates, a white male and a white female were also selected.

The jury will be sequestered for the duration of the trial.

In questioning potential jurors Tuesday both the prosecution and defense provided glimpses of the cases they plan to present. Prosecutor Tom Thurman warned the jurors, “There are going to be some crime scene photographs. They’re not going to be very pleasant to look at.”

Lead defense attorney Jim McNamara asked several candidates whether it would bother them if Barrett does not testify in his own defense. Defense attorneys also questioned the pool about whether they would succumb to pressure to resolve the case because of the widespread public desire to see it closed.

The trial is to open Wednesday morning. Following opening statements, the prosecution plans to call Virginia Trimble, the mother of the murdered girl, as its first witness.