Music council gets new name, streamlined leadership, director

Monday, September 12, 2011 at 6:00pm
Staff reports

Mayor Karl Dean announced Monday the Nashville Music Council has been renamed Music City Music Council (MC2) and streamlined to a 21-member body to place a greater focus on economic development in the music industry.

In addition, Honey Hopkins has been named director of MC2. Hopkins, who had served as the liaison between the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the council, will manage the group’s initiatives and day-to-day operations.

“We are Music City, and that designation is an appropriate and descriptive name for the Council as it works to further cement our Music City identity," Dean said in a release. "Under this new structure, the Music Council will be better equipped to recruit entertainment companies and visitors to our city and all that Nashville offers.”

The Nashville Music Council was launched in 2009 as a partnership between the Mayor’s Office, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau. It is meant to capitalize on Nashville’s identity as Music City.

Dean serves as co-chairman, along with Music Row veteran Randy Goodman, who was most recently president of Lyric Street Records in Nashville. Goodman was named co-chairman in July.

“As we evaluated different approaches and strategic initiatives toward our overarching goals, it became obvious it was necessary to downsize the Council to be nimble and focused enough to give appropriate and timely counsel to the Mayor, his staff, the Chamber and the CVB,” Goodman said in the release, noting 60 artists and music executives had been serving on the council.

“This streamlined Council is a direct response to the Mayor’s desire for an increased focus on economic development, which over the long term will help continue to grow Nashville as the global Music City,” Goodman said. “The bottom line is if Nashville rises and grows, so will all the different, unique and important constituencies that make up the music industry.”

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By: nashmusic2244 on 9/12/11 at 5:25

It is a shame that the MC2 or Mayor Dean don't care about con-artists and scammers who prey on musicians ripping them off of hard-earned money and dreams.

Come on people, you say this is MUSIC CITY, well then protect musicians!

Eddie Garcia

By: Trumpet on 9/12/11 at 5:30

Joe/The Collection: QUESTION: Who, among the Council will be the one, or more, to express the aspirations of and the clear need to include the constituiency most interested in the further development of what has been called the Black Music Industry in Nashville? Long overlooked and under-developed. The afterthought!!! The 20th. Century footnote in Music City history!!!.........One Heart...

By: nashmusic2244 on 9/12/11 at 5:35

Trumpet: Excellent addition and point!

By: timmy de on 9/12/11 at 7:08

Timmy De Nashville
Yup....we gotta keep those people in Nashville that can't make a G chord or sing a note makin the big bucks...while the people actually making music struggle...what a joke...