Nashville Electric Service warns of payment scam

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 12:12pm
Staff reports

Nashville Electric Service warned customers Tuesday of a woman posing as a government employee and asking customers about their bill payments.

“Be aware of a woman who uses the name Maria and who often approaches customers in the NES parking lot at our main office on Church Street,” said spokesman Tim Hill.

According to Hill, the woman contacts customers in person and asks for cash or a check to pay for part of their bills, promising that she will pay the remainder of the bills for them.

“However, she is using a stolen credit card or a fraudulent check to pay the total amount due on the customers' accounts,” Hill said. “The customer doesn’t realize what has happened until they are notified that their NES bill is past due and that they paid with a fraudulent check or a stolen credit card.”

NES reminded customers that it never contacts customers by phone, or in person, to ask for payments. NES field personnel do not accept payments for service or field work.

NES encouraged customers to call 615-736-6900 if they receive a call or are approached by anyone suspected of falsely representing themselves as working for NES.