Nashville psychiatrist faces rape charges

Monday, June 29, 2009 at 3:06pm
Staff reports
Dr. Settimio Castellani is facing allegations he forced a patient to perform a sex act before he would give her a prescription.

Metro Police Sex Crimes detectives are investigating whether Dr. Settimio “Sam” Castellani, a Nashville psychiatrist arrested Thursday for the alleged rape of a 36-year-old female patient, has committed sex offenses against any other persons under his care.

Castellani, 67, of Winston Drive in Brentwood, was taken into custody Thursday at his 500 Lentz Road office in Medical Dental Village in Madison.

He is charged with one count of rape for allegedly forcing the patient to perform a sex act on him in order to receive her prescription for medication.

The investigation of the March 23 alleged incident began May 27, when the victim came to police headquarters and reported the matter to Sex Crimes detectives. She said that her appointment on March 23 was changed from mid-afternoon to 6 p.m. She said during the appointment, Castellani wrote out her prescription, placed it on his desk, and then proceeded to expose himself to the victim. The victim said she feared not receiving the prescription, and potential bodily harm, if she did not take part in the sex act.
During the investigation, detectives developed corroborating evidence that the alleged incident occurred, and received information that Castellani may have had sexual contact with other female patients.

Anyone with information about inappropriate/illegal activities on the part of Castellani is urged to contact the police department’s Sex Crimes Unit at 862-7540, where specially trained detectives and counselors are available to assist victims.

Castellani is free on $74,999 bail.


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By: dargent7 on 6/30/09 at 5:00

A psychiatrist? How does this fool think she wouldn't tell? The same with these teachers. Kids talk. Someone will go to a parent. This woman told a friend, who encouraged her to call police. He's just lost everything, probably facing jail. There, he can expose himself to Bubba all he wants.

By: house_of_pain on 6/30/09 at 7:30

Hmmm, very interesting, d7. And how does that make you feel?

By: dargent7 on 6/30/09 at 7:39

LaMaison: My feelings? Ummm, don't really care.

By: sidneyames on 7/1/09 at 2:56

D7, I have to weigh in on this. First of all, if she was going to his house for appointments, that's a no-no; secondly, she could have said NO and let me out of here. Did he have a gun on her? Then of course, there is the FACT that there are hundreds of other doctors who don't mind dishing out drugs without sexual favors. And I agree he should be locked up. But let's get real. No patient is forced into sexual favors unless there's a gun there (or other weapon). Their need for the "drug" is the driving force behind the acceptance of the other person's bad behavior.

By: sidneyames on 7/1/09 at 2:58

"She said that her appointment on March 23 was changed from mid-afternoon to 6 p.m"; my first question to here would be: "Who changed the appointment - you or him"?