Nashville State, MTSU to announce dual enrollment agreement

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 3:34pm
Staff reports

Nashville State Community College and Middle Tennessee State University will announce a new agreement Wednesday to “strengthen ties” and afford students more academic options at each school.

The agreement will allow students to enroll at both schools simultaneously, which could help NSCC students who need low-level major-specific classes that aren't offered at the community college level. Students wishing to participate in dual enrollment must meet MTSU's admission standard.

Also, a new “reverse transfer” program will let former NSCC students enrolled at MTSU retroactively apply credits toward an associate's degree from NSCC.

NSCC president George Van Allen and MTSU president Sidney McPhee will sign the agreement on NSCC's campus tomorrow morning.

The two schools already have a dual admission program, which provides advising, registration priority, and admission to MTSU for NSCC students.