Nashville Symphony announces early return to Schermerhorn

Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 4:12am
Staff reports

Eight months after 24 feet of muddy floodwaters from the Cumberland River filled its home, the Nashville Symphony will return to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center for a still-to-be announced New Year’s Eve concert, according WSMV-Channel 4.

Symphony President and CEO Alan Valentine made the announcement Wednesday night during a symphony CD signing party at David-Kidd Booksellers in the Mall at Green Hills.

“It is a celebratory night anyway and it is something about New Year’s Eve and a new beginning — you know people are making new resolutions for the year and thinking about starting anew so what an appropriate time to do something,” Valentine said in WSMV footage.

Leaders are keeping close raps on details of the New Year’s Eve concert, but the return home after an estimated $42 million in flood damage definitely calls for a celebration.

Restoration work on the four-year-old, $123.5 million symphony center must be going better than expected. In June, the restoration timetable included an early 2011 return date.

The more than eight-month schedule was set to give the symphony time to complete all repairs to the building, which include securing and installing the replacement components of the extensive electrical and mechanical systems destroyed in the historic May flood.

One of the many victims of the historic May flooding was the “mechanical brain” of $2.5 million Schoenstein pipe organ installed in the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in 2007.

Insurance and Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance will cover the replacement of the organ console and certain other items lost in the flood, but the symphony could be left to cover a gap of as much as $10 million.


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By: PKVol on 9/30/10 at 7:28

The last paragraph is so well written, I'm not sure what Insurance and FEMA are paying for.

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