Nashville theater groups join to search for home

Friday, September 7, 2001 at 1:00am

Local professional theater companies are banding together to find a permanent home in Nashville.

The Mockingbird Theatre, Nashville Shakespeare Festival and People's Branch Theatre have begun preliminary talks with other professional theater groups in town to identify strategies for reaching a larger audience as well as finding more space.

With the help of the Metropolitan Arts Commission, they hope to bring in George Thorn and Nello McDaniel, two well-known arts consultants, to advise the small groups on how to work towards gaining a unified voice.

"Basically we're all out there struggling," said Kara Kindall, general manager of Mockingbird Theatre. "We all have the same problems and so we're not a very strong voice because we're all doing it separately instead of together. That's something we're really interested in and I think we can be a pretty powerful voice if we all come together."


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