Nashvillians weigh in on Dean's property tax hike; budget proposal advances

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 2:10am

“Metro has a spending problem” emerged as a reoccurring battle cry among those sporting fluorescent yellow shirts at the Metro Council Tuesday night. They were the ones lined up to oppose Mayor Karl Dean’s proposed 53-cent property tax increase.

These Nashvillians took turns hammering what would amount to a 13 percent bump on their property tax payments during “the worst economy of our lives,” as one tax-hike critic put it. Their message to the council: Vote down Dean’s tax plan. And their pleas were passionate.

“I can’t think of a worse time to raise taxes that specifically increase businesses’ rent,” Mia Calderon, a realtor who works in East Nashville, told the council. “This is not only a direct tax on our mom-and-pop small businesses but on the families that support them.”

But before they had their say, Dean enjoyed an equally strong showing Tuesday of budget supporters, those who said a sacrifice is sometimes required to ensure key government services. Many highlighted items the tax increase would deliver: a long-awaited pay increase for Metro employees and bump in teacher salaries, the renovation of dilapidated school buildings, expanded transit services and a full stable of cops patrolling Nashville’s streets.

“No one, including myself, has ever wanted an additional tax increase,” said Al Cocke, who pointed out this city has “been through these battles many times before” during previous mayoral leadership.

“But, there are certain things that you’re willing to pay for if you’re going to move a city forward like this,” he said.

Approximately 500 people poured in the Metro courthouse Tuesday for the council’s lone scheduled public hearing to weigh in on Dean’s proposed budget and property tax increase, which would be Davidson County’s first in seven years. Dean has painted a harsh alternative that includes sharp reductions in teacher and police personnel.

In the end, Dean’s budget cleared the council’s second of three votes Tuesday on a voice vote with few objections, but the move was purely procedural to advance it to committee. The real test comes later this month when the mayor’s $1.71 billion budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year –– and the property tax increase to pay for it –– heads to the council for a final vote.

On Tuesday, Nashvillians took the floor for more than three hours, with both sides of the tax hike debate sharing an amount of equal time.

“This is an important step in the budget process, that we hear directly from the taxpayers, and that they voice their opinions,” Metro Councilman Jason Holleman said afterwards, still undecided on how he’ll ultimately vote.

Ashley Croft, a Metro teacher for four years, said she works a part-time retail job to make extra income, making the case for lifting Metro’s starting teacher salary to $40,000, a key part of Dean’s case for a tax increase. Dean wants to raise teacher salaries to compete with peer cities for instructors.

“Each summer around this time, I start looking at job listings in other parts of the city or other parts of the country, knowing that I simply need more to support myself,” Croft said.

But James Keeton of Cane Ridge said, “It would be foolish to continue to spend more in the face of the realities of this downturn,” adding that it is “easy to reach into someone else’s pocket for a request. Government does that quite well.

“Many say that not voting for the mayor’s budget would be a step back,” he said. “Stepping back’s not always a bad thing.”

Metro’s budget process continues Wednesday when Director of Schools Jesse Register and the nine-member school board give its budget presentation before the council. Metro schools’ dollar-amount request exceeds the current year’s education spending by $46.4 million.

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By: Ask01 on 6/6/12 at 4:23

This was, of course, a piece of eye candy, a farce, designed to deceive the public, cruely allowing them to believe they actually have a voice in Mayor Dean's government.

I noted, buried in the article, this is the ONLY public hearing scheduled for this debacle, furthering my opinion this is already bought and paid for as was the new convention center before the charade of council voting.

Can the blitzkrieg on taxpayers be stopped, or will Mayor Dean be allowed to shake down the citizens while a spineless Metro Council stands idly by counting their ill gotten political gains?

The outlook is grim, but we citizens need to continue the fight, reminding Metro Council some will have to face voters again, while others may have business concerns which can be subjected to boycotts, and ALL of them must live among those they are robbing.

Opponents need to remind those supporting the tax increase the citizens they wish to steal from are the same ones who can refuse to do business at their establishments.

I urge all who see this as the sham and attempted extortion it is to continue to hammer away at the proposal. Mayor Dean may be able to bully weak willed Metro Council members, but let's make this as politically damaging for Mayor Karl Dean as possible.

By: frodo on 6/6/12 at 5:55

Tax and spend, tax and spend, tax and spend. Or is it spend and tax, spend and tax, spend and tax? Either way, Karl Dean and a dutiful Council think they live in a nice "politics as usual" bubble in the middle of a state that is waking up to economic reality. It is time to burst that bubble.

By: spooky24 on 6/6/12 at 6:10

A major waste of time as Mayor Dean is far to politically savvy not to have the votes to pass this increase before it's introduction. It pains me to see persons inject themselves into a hopeless debate, only looking to further their own ambitions, rather than direct the course of Metro government.
Using a war metaphor hardly describes the monetary increase on taxpayers and if persons are truly and sincerely interested in the future of Nashville, their focus should be on the removal of council members who have guaranteed the passage of this tax increase, not grandstanding for the media.
It is not that difficult to see which council districts have been given 'attention by the mayor'' in exchange for their non debatable or non questionable votes-which has made this tax hike possible in the true definition of a dictatorship.


By: frodo on 6/6/12 at 6:17

Do tell, spooky. For those of us who don't see that well (and I don't doubt you one bit), which council districts have been given "attention?" Tell us what you know.

By: WickedTribe on 6/6/12 at 6:58

I would care about this if it were an actual tax increase, but since it's a return to less than 2006 levels, it's direly needed. Just like George Bush's stupid tax cuts at the federal level need to end asap.

By: frodo on 6/6/12 at 7:26

Wick, if it is a return to 2006 levels, then why do my property taxes keep going up, even when the market value of my property keeps falling? BTW, Wick, do you pay property tax. Or are you a renter?

By: Rasputin72 on 6/6/12 at 7:28

All I want to see is where spending is different in Davidson County than in Williamson,Cheatham,Dickson,Sumner,Wilson and Rutherford.

Let the public see where the waste or in the words of this spendthrift mayor the progress!

By: mewzikman2000 on 6/6/12 at 7:47

The Lottery is supposed to cover the schools. Stop needless spending in other areas to repair the schools and use some lottery $$ to pay an increase to teachers. And also to improve transit. Double decker Interstates would solve a lot of problems, not that stupid bus proposal. Always the GOV of city and state and Fed are trying to get more $$ from us. The economy is in a bad enough state, we don't need a property tax increase. Let Dean hold office for $.00 and see how he likes it. Mad As Hell.

By: TNCitizen on 6/6/12 at 7:57

Frodo, renters pay more property taxes than owners. Rental property is assessed at 40% of value while owner-occupied residences are assessed at 25%. Landlords pass the taxes on to tenants in the form of rent increases. So, if Wick is a renter, he/she is paying a higher percentage of the property value than you are.

By: morpheus120 on 6/6/12 at 8:00

One thing I noticed watching the public hearing was that most of the people in yellow shirts protesting the budget were senior citizens. They were complaining about how they were on "fixed incomes" and couldn't afford the property tax increase.

I guess they all conveniently forgot that the property tax rates for seniors living in or near the poverty level have been frozen in Davidson County since 2008.

So what I saw last night were a bunch of seniors who were lying about their financial hardship.

One of the protesters said his property tax was going to go up about $1000. Do the math - that's not someone living in poverty. That's someone living in a house that's worth about $650,000! Either that guy was lying or ignorant. Unfortunately, that seems to be a recurring tendency among the Teabaggers (death panels, anyone?)

"Greatest Generation" indeed.

By: morpheus120 on 6/6/12 at 8:05

TNCitizen, nobody is forcing landlords to pass property tax costs on to renters. That's a decision they CHOSE. They could eat the tax increase and tighten their belts like everyone else does.

By: frodo on 6/6/12 at 8:21

TNCitizen, I understand that, in reality, Wick may be paying a larger % property tax as a renter than me as an owner. But unless a person must to sit down and write a check to the tax assessor's office, then they give it little thought. Especially in a world where many people who get a federal tax return check think govt is giving them something (duh).

By: WickedTribe on 6/6/12 at 8:42

Frodo, if I were a renter, I'd still pay property taxes indirectly, but I am a home-owner and have been since 2001.

By: dnewton on 6/6/12 at 8:53

I thought that when I left Nashville, I would escape these tax arguements but I had no such luck. I left behind a lot of per capita debt but the spending versus taxation problem is the same. The arguements are the same ie. do it for the children etc. Even the renters-do-not pay-property-tax arguement is the same. I actually saw two County commissioners argue that at a public meeting. One owned and rented property and the other did not. If we are not able to solve that problem: Do renters pay property tax?
We can never go on to the solution because of the failure to agree on basic fairness. Somebody pays the tax and for some reason, it is not enough.
Nashville has an amazing amount of money leaving Davidson County. The Bureau of Economic Analysis calls it "outflow." It is cheaper to live somewhere else and work in Davidson County. I suggest you start there when you ask what the tax ought to be raised to. Raising the property tax could very well increase outflows and that could decrease sales tax income.

By: budlight on 6/6/12 at 9:10

"Ashley Croft, a Metro teacher for four years, said she works a part-time retail job to make extra income, making the case for lifting Metro’s starting teacher salary to $40,000, a key part of Dean’s case for a tax increase. Dean wants to raise teacher salaries to compete with peer cities for instructors."

Ms. Croft, get a life. EVERYONE is working two jobs lately or are you too wrapped up in YOU to see that.

They voted last night with a Yea or Nay vote - Voice, rather than actual voting. The CHICKENS in the group are probably afraid for people to know who they are. I'm glad my councilman is "man" enough to stand up and speak up for what he believes. No more tax increases.

By: WickedTribe on 6/6/12 at 7:58
I would care about this if it were an actual tax increase, but since it's a return to less than 2006 levels, it's direly needed. Just like George Bush's stupid tax cuts at the federal level need to end asap.

Wicked you must be in the class of "dumb" who graduated from a Tennessee school. Your math is lacking. My taxes in 2006 was $2674. It is now going up over $65 a month which will make it over $3200 a year. For what? Pray tell.

I'm a senior citizen and my taxes have not frozen. My property value is down and the grand dragons of the tax department just lowered my property value on a vacant lot from $78,000 for 2.35 acres to $28,000 but tell me the tax WILL NOT go down. How do you figure that?

Like I said, the CHICKENs voted with a yea or nay vote so no one could identify them. And the dollar at the grocery store is getting smaller and smaller. Teachers drive Lexus and other fancy cars while most of us are driving 8 to 10 year old cars. They have those fancy cars. Just walk through a school parking lot one day where the teachers park.

By: sharko20 on 6/6/12 at 9:11

Why ask for $.53? Why not $1.53 or $2.53 or higher? They'll be back asking for more. The teachers need a raise. We don't want to lay off police officers. The schools are crumbling. It's never cut 10% in one area to finance an area that needs more revenue. No just hose the citizens. As long as we have citizens that don't understand the difference between the private and public sector we are doomed.
Why should I adjust my budget to finance failing schools? The public schools have been a nationwide failure for 50 years. With the exception of the military everything gov. runs is a failure.
High property taxes mean high rents for businesses which includes apts. Neighboring counties will benefit. New restaurants etc. will start elsewhere.
My budget? Hey Dean maybe I'll stop buying Preds tickets to pay my increase. I mean I have to cut somewhere.

By: 4gold on 6/6/12 at 9:13

Metro council was very generous with tax money this year. They paid an extra $200,000.000 over appraisal for a flood zone police station property to be built. Of course someone with metro connections had recently purchased the property. They built an unfunded convention center that was suppose to bring all this money to Nashville. They paid a low ball price for the property to get it approved and then the fastest trial in history ended in metro loosing to pay triple for the property. Vry suspecious, no trial has ever been brought that fast. It usually takes years and this case opened and closed in a week. The debacle last night is such a joke. I attended one meeting to observe the council laughing and joking, not even listening as people spoke. I was furious as I left and will never waste my time again. How unimaginative can this group be that they can only go back to the same cash cow everytime they over spend. No one else in society is getting raises now. Why does metro expect them? How convenient for Teachers and Metro employees to go speak to give themselves a raise. My property tax compounded 5 and a half times compared to my salary growing only triple. I cant afford to live in Davidson. Stop the corrucptiona and the budget would be cured.

By: budlight on 6/6/12 at 9:15

morpheus120 on 6/6/12 at 9:05
TNCitizen, nobody is forcing landlords to pass property tax costs on to renters. That's a decision they CHOSE. They could eat the tax increase and tighten their belts like everyone else does.

And the city could "eat" some of their crap also. Listen TNCitizen, people are in the rental business to make money, not break even or go under. Or can't you figure out why Bread is so high? Let me see! Taxes on business, higher gas, higher wages and higher insurance costs. So should a loaf of bread be $3.99, $2.99, $1.99 or .99? Depends on whether or not you want a piece of white plastic bread loaded with chemicals or a slice of multi-grain with natural ingredients.

Everyone, including the landlords that I know are tightening their belts.

By: cadillac5 on 6/6/12 at 9:24

A typical politicians requiring more money for their cause.The concept of ever increasing expenditures being the solution is the steady theme of the liberal agenda.My questions does Mayor Dean follow thru with his mission statement of constantly giving of his personal funds!

By: 4gold on 6/6/12 at 9:26

Some contributors here just dont get it. Retirees dont make what they did when they worked. They may have a nice house they bought 25 years ago for a cheap price. If its in a good area the value has tripled. Then they retire and a pension if they have one is less than half what they made. Retirees get hit by both sides. Property tax already takes two months of my pension.

By: sharko20 on 6/6/12 at 9:41

Hey Nashville - How will you pay for KMD's (Karl Marx Dean) prop tax increase? What will you cut from your discretionary budget ? Let him and the council know what businesses will not be getting your hard earned dollars.
In my world it will mean the Nashville Predators. Restaurants I like - Tazikis, Cori's Doghouse or J. Alexander's.
What's your ripple effect on the Davidson Co. economy? Be specific.

By: Left-of-Local on 6/6/12 at 9:43

I'll be so glad when people who want to occupy space on the cheap move out of this CITY, and go back to the country, where things can rust and stagnate all they like.

I, on the other hand, will be happy to see better teachers, and maybe they can teach a civics lesson to the next generation about how you can't just run a city on nothing, and when you want things as a society you have to pay for them.

Anyone who buys property on the false assumption that taxes won't go up is a fool. And now the fools are rallying in the streets. This is just another sign of the disgusting era of investment homes. You bought too much house. Your fault, not mine. Stop dragging down my civic resources to protect your crappy investment strategy. You bought the place to sit on for a few years till you could shake it down for a profit. Sell it, and get out of the way. Let those of us who plan to keep ROOTS here have the city we deserve.

By: frodo on 6/6/12 at 10:05

Yeah, Lefty, move to Williamson County where everything is rusting and stagnating. That's a good one!

By: Sunny1952 on 6/6/12 at 10:35

When I calculated my new rate - I figured it to be about $175. When I saw how the government is going to calculated it - it was like $600. Supposedly the tax appraisal value of my home is $330,00(wish I could get this for it). So I am not sure how they get their calculations - if it was .53 per thousand then wouldn't you take the appraised value divide by 1000 and then multiple it by the hike? I already pay almost $3300 per year on my house - if you divide that by 12 that adds another $275 a month on my house note. Also are they going to re-appraise the property? The last time they did it was when the market was at it's peak. Also if you research the teacher's pay Nashville is ranked third under Memphis and Knoxville(I think) for starting pay.

By: Sunny1952 on 6/6/12 at 10:38

I also agree with Budlight - the teachers do drive nice cars. My son went to Wharton and there were more Mercedes and Lexus in the teachers parking lot or the big SUV's so who needs a raise - I'm driving a 12 year old car.

By: mg357 on 6/6/12 at 10:45

mg357.....Sunny, ironic that you should mention teacher's pay. You are aware that over 800 schools in Tennessee are failing with over half that number in Memphis and 55 failing in Nashville with the next largest number in Know and Hamilton county. Nashville hired a company out of Texas for charter school conversion and is paying the director $215 K to turn around these failing schools. With the $500 million in race to the top money they now need more for a failing public school system...give me a break! Just wait till the failing report cards are posted on the TDOE website..the very same ones that have been failing for years and are in restructure. Nothing is ever enough and the property owners always get the first punch. Mass exodus is the answer and take your tax dollars with you.

By: mg357 on 6/6/12 at 10:46

mg357...sorry, I meant Knox county

By: dlin on 6/6/12 at 10:55

WickedTribe--first ofall it is clear you don't understand the appraisal process. Properity is reassessed periodolidicaly and the State Law requireds the cities and counties to adjust their property tax rates to a level that does not increase actual "real" tax amounts. If the properity values go up since the last appraisal then the "rate" goes down. Therefore the cities and counties must raise the rate in order to get more dollars to spend. The actual taxes to be paid by the owners in Metro Davidson will go up if the rate is raised. So even if the rate is lower than the rate in 2006-- actual amount of taxes paid will increase--therefore a tax increase. Now Dean has increased the debt service on the city by his millions spent in the "Convention Center".. This money was borrowed by the city and the interest and payments come out of the tax revenues each year before the budget even gets started. A convention center in Nashville when most other cities with convention centers are going broke having to support them with current revenues. Nashville is headed the same way. Wake up the internet and virtual meeting have reduced need for businesses to spend for travel and expenses to have meeting and "conventions". The market is drying up for convention dollars. It is like investing in the pony express after the telephone was invented. If Dean hadn't commited Nashville to this road and the millions in interest to pay off the bonds borrowed to support the venture and the other city robbed other city funding sources them the money would be available for all the sudden must have city service that Dean says we mush have now.

By: watchdog55 on 6/6/12 at 11:07

morpheus120 – shame, shame, shame on you. Your ignorance is showing, or perhaps you have taken the form of a moron. At any rate your insults to senior citizens are reprehensible. Many of those senior citizens who spoke last night have lived in Nashville all of their lives; they have worked hard to own their homes; they have paid their property taxes for decades to provide revenue for Nashville. Now they are retired and living on somewhat of a fixed income. Their earning years are over; they must rely on Social Security, pensions and their savings for the rest of their lives. Why must they be living in or near poverty to talk about fixed incomes and hardships. I doubt that anyone of them paid $650,000 for their homes. I, like them, live in a home appraised at $650,000; I certainly did not pay anything close to that amount, but inflation has caused my home to be appraised, probably higher than it is worth. I am certainly not looking forward to another $1,000 in property taxes, even though I can afford it.

However, your final comment of <“Greatest Generation” indeed>, is what I find to be most insulting. Anyone 80 years of age or older is part of the “greatest generation.” They sacrificed more for this country than any generation. Most people under the age of 50 do not really understand sacrifice; they are more of the “ME” generation and are too busy taking care of them self to be concerned with sacrifice.

And to the comments of "Left-of-Local". The majority of senior citizens in Nashville put down roots here long before you were ever even thought about. I guess you, like so many "ME" generation, just want to throw away the seniors, so you can get on with YOUR life. No one gave seniors anything - they worked hard for everything they have. I believe they should be allowed to retain what they worked for. Perhaps we should have a city income tax so all of you "ME" generation can pay for all your civic resources based on your income, and not on the backs of seniors who have paid their dues over and over and over.

By: mg357 on 6/6/12 at 11:25

mg357...Din, we all saw an increse in our property values with the last reapparaisals and along with that an increase on our homeowner's insurance. Perchance you can remember when an increase to pre-k funding was being discussed. My opposition to this earned a burning at the stake to even advocate for less education. When I forcast a tax increase that was really slammed. Well, here's the tax increase in our faces. This is precisely what happens when the powers that be aren't qualified to handle taxpayer money, it ain't never enough, we need more....the good old property owners always get the big

By: David_S on 6/6/12 at 12:42

"Each summer around this time, I start looking at job listings in other parts of the city or other parts of the country, knowing that I simply need more to support myself,” Croft said."

First, he is raising it to 40K for STARTING teachers. She's been working for 4 years, so she is probably already making 35-40K a year, not including benefits. Also, looking for work during the summer is not a bad idea, considering you have summer off. That's how it's supposed to be. Teaching is not supposed to be a year long job where you get paid vacation for 3 months. It is a 9 month job, with flexibility about what you do in the 3 months you have free.

To say the tax increase is necessary to pay for teacher salary increases is misleading. How about all the items in the budget that the government is WASTING money on? Why not CUT those, and give whatever money you cut as an increase to the teachers salary?

By: morpheus120 on 6/6/12 at 1:22

Spare me, watchdog.

If you live in a $650,000 home, you can afford to pay $1000 in property taxes. If you can't, sell your home and move in with family or friends just like all the other people who have families to support and lost their homes. And the college students who worked hard and played by the rules and now can't get a job because of all that "free trade" and "trickle down economics" snake oil that people like Reagan and Dubya sold them.

And no, I am not leveling insults at senior citizens. I am leveling insults at selfish, un-American idiots - regardless of race, religion, or age - who got theirs and don't care if anyone else gets a shot at the American Dream. You have a lot of nerve bashing people under 50 of the "me" generation for being selfish (which I actually agree with you on) and then supporting more selfishness yourself by admitting that you can afford to pay more taxes on your $650K home and just don't want to.

It's also the height of arrogance to believe that you EARNED what you got and yet nobody else has. Let me ask you - when you were in your prime earning years, how many hours did you work and how much money did you make? I'll bet you worked less hours and still made more money than someone in their prime now. The statistics show that is the case since income inequality has exploded over the last 40 years. People are working harder, longer, but for less money. There's what electing all them "family values" Republicans has gotten us, sucker.

I also think it's a tad ironic that you want us to feel sympathy for seniors having to live solely on pensions and Social Security to get by. Wall Street already killed the pension for the most part and the Republicans are trying to do the same thing to Social Security and Medicare right now. And yet, I'll put money down that you end up pulling the lever for Romney and the rest of the GOP thieves in November. Am I wrong?

The "greatest generation" went overseas to kill fascists. Now they vote for them.

Take your meds, quit whining, and pay your damn taxes on that big fat house of yours.

By: Vuenbelvue on 6/6/12 at 7:23

Morphesus "If you live in a $650,000 home, you can afford to pay $1000 in property taxes."
I think you know the man is paying a heck of a lot more than $1,000 annually on his property taxes and he may be saying it will become $1,000 more than it is in 2012 starting 1/1/13. Then the state mandated re-appraisal goes into effect for another possible increase in 2014.
It is so amusing that Mayor Dean started off slowly saying that he would have to cut cops, fireman and teachers and all of a sudden has this plan on his desk for $300 million in another round of renovation-addition or new work on existing Metro buildings (fourth or fifth time or more since Mayor Boner left office), and more for walk ways (again), parks (need more than the 115 now), $800,000 city buses and the debt payments to borrow the money to spend. I forgot the pensions but no one every mentions those.
Hey, council is sold on it so it is a done deal. It was made clear in some earlier comments that all the renters will have their rents eventually increased and all businesses will pay high property taxes too. If the majority want to be forever in debt, let the democracy rule. Life is too short. If you don't have it in your budget, eat at home or watch the Titans on TV for free. $12 hamburgers served cold get old fast anyway. Supporters though, don't need to complain about the Federal Deficit.

By: budlight on 6/7/12 at 7:17

Left-of-Local on 6/6/12 at 10:43
I'll be so glad when people who want to occupy space on the cheap move out of this CITY, and go back to the country, where things can rust and stagnate all they like.

I, on the other hand, will be happy to see better teachers, and maybe they can teach a civics lesson to the next generation about how you can't just run a city on nothing, and when you want things as a society you have to pay for them.

More money does not necessarily mean better teachers. I mean, look at some of the more money to athletes and some of them are awful. Teachers usually go into the field knowing that they don't get as much money as they would in the private sector.

And the federal taxes are probably going up. We are taxed to death and tired of it. Let Dean pay for his projects out of his pocket and the pockets of the council members who support him.

By: Floyd2 on 6/7/12 at 9:48

Let's be honest, the opponents of the property tax increase are ignorant. They do little more than parrot tired talk-radio slogans and vapid political rhetoric that they don't understand. If we want Nashville to continue improving, we should not let these morons drive public policy.

As a property owner, I support the property tax increase. Ignore the half-wit naysayers.

By: Left-of-Local on 6/7/12 at 5:15

YES, Floyd! Good to hear reason. Thanks.

By: jasonweaver on 6/8/12 at 10:31

The tax increase is suspect because it comes on the heals of giving tax breaks to HCA and Gaylord, neither of which needed those breaks. Neither was in danger of taking their respective developments elsewhere. Voters fell for the no property tax increase pledge Dean made, failing to notice that he was referring to last year. Got himself reelected and now he's dipping into the taxpayer pockets. A large portion of the tax increase is going toward debt service, debt Dean has put the city in.

By: tpaine on 6/11/12 at 6:43

The simple point is: THE MAYOR LIED AND THE COUNCIL, IF THEY PASS THIS MESS, IS STUPID. This is no time for a tax increase for NEW spending. BOTH will come to regret it.

By: tpaine on 6/11/12 at 9:04

Half our minority children are not even graduating HIGH SCHOOL and you want to give these folks a RAISE in the middle of the RECESSION??

By: thinking12 on 6/11/12 at 9:12

Left-of-Local -Where is the basis for thinking that by paying more money you will get better service?????
I know I would be more confident in this suppostion if I could read the buget and actually see where the money is going-and then a year from now see that it acutally went there.

It is about accountability-and Mayor Dean and Mr. Register have to be held accountable! It has got to be more than "new Year's resolutions" that by the time they get the money it's all been spent elsewhere-then come back and ask for more.

You don't think it's a bit shady to ask for the maximum increase that does NOT require a voter referendum? If it was on the up and up then put it before the voters and do it when there is enough time to have a real conversation-not when folks have so little time to get,be informed and educated about the facts.

On that thought -can the folks who want the council to vote "no" go first at he meeting on the 19th? Only seems fair to take turns!

By: sneaky on 6/17/12 at 11:08

I was in the dmv for over 3 hours last week just to turn in a Hand Gun Carry Permit Application!??! If we are going to be throwing money around, why not put it where it is needed? Employ some more folks there, cut the stations that see 6 people a day...As far as teachers and police..give raises where raises are due. Some of these people bust their asses..reward them...some of them are worthless, cut them! It's pretty simple, these are things you learn at a young age.

Just a little side note:
Firefighters are faster than the fastest pizza in town...their responce time in Davidson County is second to none...hell yeah take care of them, i like my stuff.

Every time I have needed the Police to do anything, they are more likely to be helping a "brother (fellow officer) in a bar fight"....rather than showing up to a call. 2 hour responce times are not acceptable while the assailant is on your property...4 month wait times for automobile accident reports are inexcusable. If they are truely understaffed then do something..if they are ignoring calls then fire them and hire some officers that want to do their job, this doesn't include profiling people in nice cars or shitty ones for that matter. And, "no, you may not search my car dickhole." oh, you pulled me over for going 2 mph over the limit and you're letting me off with a warning..thanks officer for keeping the streets safe..."

oh hey council men, enjoy your 2:30 craigslist bj's....all you a-hole govt employees (you know who you are) that want to continue to improve Nashville, go out and work a real job from time to time..get your hands a little dirty. Cancel your tee times and sign up for some Community service...stop rolling on tax payer dubs, just because your last name is basically nipple doesnt mean you have to suck on your full days schedule instead of cutting your grass and running errands on tax payer money...we know where the fat is...why the hell is it still there??? You know what happens when something costs too much???? People shop around, be ready...