NES sends customers incorrect e-bills

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 2:26pm
Staff reports

Nashville Electric Service said Tuesday some customers have received incorrect monthly e-bills. 

The electricity bills, some more than $1,000, were sent to customers in the utility’s District 26, which mainly covers Bellevue but also includes portions of the West End and West Meade areas. The problem affected only those customers who receive their monthly bill by emails, NES said. Print bills were not affected.

“We have determined that the bill file NES sent to our vendor who oversees the e-bill program was corrupt,” NES spokesman Tim Hill said in a release. 

Hill said NES is working with the vendor to correct the problem and rerun the bills. Customers should receive emails with correct bills in the next few days.

“We apologize for the confusion it has caused our customers and will take steps to make sure it doesn’t occur again,” Hill said.    

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By: iTiSi on 3/9/11 at 11:51

They have to do something like this just to stay on top of their out-of-control, exorbitant, asinine salaries for the "wheels" at NES. TVA is not the only reason rates have gone up 9 or 10 times in the past year. As of 2008 the CEO made over $250K per year, and 5 execs under him made over $175K per yr. It gets worse. There are 52 other "top dogs" who make over $100K per year. This is a monopoly that has to be reigned in. The Mayor nor the local media seems to care, or they would investigate. I really don't care anymore as I am headed to SC the end of this month, where the rates are reasonable and there is now a top-notch Governor, who is doing something about illegal immigrants. Sayonara!!!! So long to this "liberal bastion" known as Nashville. The entire city needs to be picked up and moved North, where it would fit in nicely.