New slate of administrators announced for Metro schools

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 at 2:11pm

As Director of Schools Jesse Register reorganizes the central office of Metro Nashville Public Schools, the district’s organizational chart is being filled in one tier at a time.

Appointments for top MNPS administrators were named by Register in May, and more details were announced by the district in a statement late yesterday. The district is still in the process of searching for a chief operating officer and executive director of information technology.

“Many of the executive director positions are being filled by people who were brought in during the state restructuring last summer,” Register said in the statement. “These are highly competent employees who have a great history with this district and I am looking forward to their continued development as we move in this new direction.”

Debra McAdams, former principal of Johnson School who served for the last year as director in the central office special education department, has been named the district’s new executive director of special education. McAdams replaces Linda DePriest, who Register recently hired as the district’s assistant superintendent for instructional support.

Sandra Moorman, Mildred Nelson and Sharon Wright have been named executive directors for elementary schools, and David Moore is the new elementary Executive Director of Instruction. Moorman was previously principal of Fall-Hamilton Elementary, and was named an assistant associate superintendent for elementary schools in last summer’s Tennessee Department of Education reorganization of MNPS. Wright worked as head of special education under former Director of Schools Pedro Garcia.

For middle schools, Lendozia Edwards and Margarett Bess have been named executive directors. Gary Cowan is the new executive director of instruction for middle schools. Edwards is a former principal of Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Magnet and worked as an executive director in curriculum and instruction under Garcia. Bess is a former principal of MNPS’s Middle College High, and was named an assistant associate superintendent for middle schools by the DOE last summer.

Karen Lefkovitz and Kathryn Dillard have been appointed executive directors for high schools, and Monica Dillard is the new executive director of instruction for high schools. Monica Dillard is former principal of Overton High, and was named an assistant associate superintendent for high schools by the DOE last summer.

MNPS is in the midst of big personnel shifts due to the implementation of the rezoning plan, the fresh-starting of several schools, a reorganization of the central office, and other shifts. Register has said he hopes to announce most personnel changes by the end of June.

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4 Comments on this post:

By: dogmrb on 6/2/09 at 1:52

Once more the deck chairs are rearranged but they all still have the same view.

By: thefinalsay on 6/3/09 at 8:01

New slate? Not hardly. Register is proving to be cowardly. Keeping the same garbage that pedro hired and that sent metro into a downward spiral is just foolish. Well, the good thing is that Mayor Dean will be taking over eventually. Then maybe some one with some common sense and intestinal fortitude will take do what needs to be done.

By: howelln on 6/3/09 at 11:22

Nothing new here. Same old; same old. sigh

By: MathGeek on 6/3/09 at 9:15

I'm with all of you, I see no changes. The same number of positions, or it seems like MORE positions being brought in and those positions are being filled by the same people who had them before. Any new opening is being filled by friends of Dr. Register.

I went to a couple of his town-hall style meetings in February and had hopes things would change. Guess a politician will always be a politician, just in the clothing of a Director of Schools.

How sad for the Metro students who deserve and need a true leader.

Pray for the schools and the faculty and staff members there, they are truly doing the best they can while the people at the top completely forget, ignore, or just plain don't care about them. As long as they have their nice and comfy offices and peace and quiet in Bransford, then everything is just fine.