New TSU program cuts out-of-state tuition in half for high-performing students

Monday, July 9, 2012 at 3:48pm
Staff reports

Tennessee State University is experimenting with a new pilot program to attract high-performing, out-of-state students.

For the first time, TSU this fall will offer a new scholar tuition rate that will slash out-of-state tuition for eligible students in half. To qualify, out-of-state, incoming freshman must have a 3.0 high school GPA, score of 21 on the ACT, or a 980 on the math and verbal sections of the SAT.

Transfer students must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA to receive the scholar tuition rate.

Students in Tennessee pay maintenance and program and services fees, not tuition, for in-state schools. Last year, out-of-state students at TSU paid $7,830 for 15 semester hours of tuition, on top of $3,695 in fees.

Under the scholar tuition rate, out-of-state students would only pay $3,915 in the additional tuition cost.

Students who qualify for the scholar tuition rate will be notified by the school.

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By: govskeptic on 7/10/12 at 9:26

While this program may be good for students from other states within the
United States, it would be problematic for the many that attend from
outside the United States. Colleges all across America have applicants
that have the phoniest of records claiming high grades and GPA's that
are totally false. Many of these wind up with Student Loans and leave the
school and country after months of free loading on the schools and lenders
after failing grades!

By: Jughead on 7/10/12 at 9:33

My experience at TSU is that a large majority of undergrads are there on student loans that they have no intention of repaying. It's just free money from the government.

By: Jughead on 7/10/12 at 9:34

The only real major at TSU is ebonics.

By: BigBlueTiger on 7/10/12 at 10:13

This is great news for me. I moved from Tennessee 20 years ago but my kids love TSU and hope to attend when they finish high school. This is a great incentive for them to keep their grades up and save Dad some money! This should have an immediate impact on enrollment.

By: NewYorker1 on 7/10/12 at 11:04

Jughead, you are an excellent example of why I believe in abortions. Had your mother aborted you in the her trailer, we all would be better off.