NFL Draft a crapshoot

Friday, April 20, 2001 at 1:00am

For NFL fans, the annual draft of college players is second only to the season itself in excitement.

The draft offers fans a chance to get a glimpse of the future for their own team and for their hated rivals. It gives the fans a chance to match wits with the general managers and the player personnel directors.

Although the pro people often make mistakes, the fans' mistakes are often more glaring. Remember last year the Philadelphia Eagles fans booing the selection of quarterback Donovan McNabb? The fans' choice, of course, was running back Ricky Williams. As it turns out, McNabb was a great selection for the Eagles. McNabb will be a superstar, but Williams is a questionable player.

But in Ricky's case, the fans were no more right than the manager in the selection of Williams for the New Orleans Saints. Remember the Saints gave up all their draft picks for Williams

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