No direction except towards the road to ruin

Wednesday, June 20, 2001 at 1:00am

Once again, our state legislators are stumbling through the jungle, lost in the underbrush, dazed and confused, most of them totally lacking a moral compass to guide them. And to make matters worse, they are either taking directions from community leaders who cannot read a map or legislative leaders who are pointing toward the road that ultimately leads to ruin.

As for community leaders who cannot read a map, we have at least one minister from a largely working-class congregation coming out publicly against tax reform.

No matter that, under the current tax structure, most of the people in this minister's church are paying a much larger percent of their incomes in state taxes than Tennessee's wealthiest citizens or that the Rochelle/Head graduated tax plan would take the sales tax off groceries and give most of his congregants a tax break.

No matter that budget cuts will undoubtedly fall most heavily on those who are most vulnerable

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