No settlement in John Rich assault, harassment case

Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 3:17pm

Country music star John Rich did not make a settlement appearance in Davidson County Criminal Court on Thursday and will now head to trial to contest charges of assault and harassment.

The hearing will take place Oct. 2 in Judge Aaron Holt’s court room.

A settlement appearance was scheduled for Thursday but no settlement was reached between Rich’s attorney and the District Attorney’s office. Neither Rich nor his legal representation appeared in court. No appearance was necessary because a date for the hearing had already been agreed upon.

Rich is charged with two counts of assault and one count of harassment.

He is accused of assaulting and harassing former Nashville Star contestant Jared Ashley. The most recent alleged incident took place in May, when Rich allegedly punched Ashley in the face the nightclub The Spot — owned by Rich.

According to the arrest affidavit, Rich then left a voicemail for Ashley in the early morning hours after the incident. In the voicemail, Rich allegedly threatened to “knock the shit” out of Ashley.

The first alleged altercation between the two took place a year ago when Rich interrupted a performance by Ashley and allegedly said he ught to “take him into the alley and kick his ass.”

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By: courier37027 on 6/18/09 at 8:08

Tick, tick, tick, ring....tick, tick, tick...the sound of running past his fifteen minutes' fame.

By: seanche on 6/19/09 at 4:03

It seems he has a very inflated sense of self-worth.

By: tnpete on 6/19/09 at 6:47

And, this is the same John Rich who thinks he "might" run for public office in a few years....LOLOLOLOL......

By: girliegirl on 6/19/09 at 7:53

We're obviously not getting the whole story here.