Nurse claims doctor groped her in front of patient

Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 3:00am
Staff reports
Jerry M. Foster

Dr. Jerry M. Foster, an oncologist at Williamson Medical Center is facing allegations he groped a nurse and made a series of pelvic thrusts toward her while in the presence of a patient, Franklin Police said.

Foster was indicted by a Williamson County grand jury this week, and was arrested at his home Wednesday afternoon, police said. The alleged incident took place in July.

The nurse claims Foster groped her in front of a patient and held her by the waist and made a series of pelvic thrusts while standing behind the nurse, holding her by the waist, police said.

An internal investigation by Williamson County Medical Center resulted in Foster no longer being allowed to practice at the facility, police said.

Foster is being held in the Williamson County Jail in lieu of $5,000 bond. He is scheduled to be arraigned in Williamson County Circuit Court on Aug. 24.


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By: Kosh III on 8/20/09 at 8:22

What was his crime? What is he being arraigned for?

By: frank brown on 8/20/09 at 8:37

Based on the scant information in this article I suspect this is a railroad job directed at the doctor.

By: rwjacksr on 8/20/09 at 1:22

Who knows what may go on in the exam room before during and after office hours.

By: RealPrick on 8/20/09 at 7:47

Sounds like another Nashville doctor that knows they can do whatever they want to whoever they want without repercussions; like Jonathan Oppenheimer of Oppenheimer Urologic Reference Laboratory, OURLab Nashville. Sexually harassing women and messing up people's lives is nothing to them; because they’re “doctors” and have some money they know there’s nothing anyone can or will do about it.

By: concernedfrnd on 8/20/09 at 7:52

I think there is more to this story . Someone is looking to get some kind of settlement and to disgrace a doctor who has done so much for his patients . He is an excellent doctor and an awesome friend. I don't believe any of these allegations. The truth will come out in the end and I hope that everyone that doubts Dr. Foster's innocence wil apologize. We all love and support you Dr. Foster !!!!!!

By: concerned2 on 8/21/09 at 9:31

I am concerned2. I have worked around him for 2 decades...this doesn't make sense or fit his personality. He loves his patients...and has always made a point to be respectful of them...even pray with them. His patients do great and love him. If this was his behavior...something has gone wrong with him. He is a serious perfectionist type... This is very unfortunate for all involved...and the publicity couldn't possibly be good for the patient, nurse or the Doctor. Normally these matters are handled internally. Appropriate evaluation counseling needs to be available.

By: concerned2 on 8/21/09 at 9:37


By: govskeptic on 8/22/09 at 4:39

I hope this is not a stretch by the Williamson DA. A charge like this while not so serious in it's criminal nature, it's sure hell on the reputation factor whether Dr. or Joe Blow. If it should turn out to be a
nothing more than disgruntled employee then the Williamson Co./district voters should certainly not forget when she comes up for

By: concerned2 on 8/22/09 at 6:38

Agreed....not to mention the many cancer patients who count on him. Like they don't already have enough stress in their lives.