Officials allow problem bar in Murfreesboro Pike area to reopen

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 5:52pm

The Out of Bounds Bar and Grill shutdown last week stemming from what police said had become a public nuisance will be allowed to reopen under certain conditions.

As part of a permanent injunction Criminal Court Judge Mark Fishburn signed during a court hearing Wednesday afternoon, the owners of the 1211 Murfreesboro Pike spot — which had become more of a watering hole than an eatery — agreed to terms that would change the hours of operations to not later than midnight on weeknights and 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

In addition, owners Lewis and James Dixon agreed to tighten security, more closely monitor parking in and around the business, and discontinue certain promotions such as “bike night” and late-night drink specials.

Out of Bounds will be allowed to reopen once it passes Metro health and safety inspections. The owners will also have to get written permission from nearby businesses to allow Out of Bounds patrons to park in neighboring lots.

Security and a manager for Out of Bounds will also be required to remain at the business until all of the patrons have left the area following closing. They also must limit the volume of music coming from the business so that residents nearby aren’t bothered by it from inside their homes.

“It should be good for the community and good for me. It’s going to benefit everybody involved,” said Lewis Dixon, outside of the courthouse. “It was actually our intent from the beginning to become a sports bar, and it kind of grew into a club atmosphere overnight by accident.”

Dixon said he and his brother didn’t know how to respond to how the club had changed. The two brothers bought the business in September 2005.

House Rep. Janis Sontany, who represents the area in which the property is located and who was at the hearing Wednesday, said the agreement is a “good start.”

“If they adhere to the order and change the business model, then I think it would benefit both the business community as well as the residents,” she said.

Frank McLeod, one of the attorneys for the Dixons, said the agreement is “equitable” for both sides but he hoped authorities would also pay attention to other nearby late-night spots along Murfreesboro Pike near Briley Parkway.

Assistant District Attorney John Zimmerman told Fishburn that the district attorney’s office and police are looking to clean up the stretch of Murfreesboro Pike between Spence Lane and Briley Parkway.

When police padlocked Out of Bounds last week, they cited more than 187 calls for service to the business from Jan. 1 to May 6 of this year.

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By: localboy on 6/8/11 at 6:47

I told you...historic overlay, yea, that's the ticket.

By: mayorofstcharles on 6/9/11 at 7:07

Where are all the Conservatives complaining about government interfering with buisnesses? hmmm

By: PKVol on 6/9/11 at 9:24

A nuisance doesn't qualify as a business and therefore shouldn't be protected from undo governmental interference.

By: NewYorker1 on 6/10/11 at 10:18

It was much better as a sports bar. I went a few times when it was a sports bar and it was a really nice atmosphere. The clientele was mature and professional, then it changed to immature and unprofessional and I never went back. Glad to hear it's going back to being a sports bar. Maybe I'll try it again some day.