Officials say no wrongdoing at state department of revenue

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 5:13pm

Former Tennessee Department of Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr will not face criminal charges over the handling of sales tax revenues of certain businesses, following an investigation that began last August.

On Tuesday, Davidson County District Attorney General Torry Johnson and 15th Judicial District Attorney General Tommy Thompson announced in a news release that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Farr.

As the former department of revenue commissioner under former Gov. Phil Bredesen, Farr’s duty was to oversee tax collections and investigations.

“Allegations of possible public corruption are always taken seriously,” Johnson said in the release. “However, in this situation, it appears the claims were the result of policy differences within the department and not any criminal conduct on the part of the former commissioner.”

Farr left the cabinet position last August to return to the private sector.

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By: Nitzche on 7/26/11 at 5:10

must of hired george barrett?

By: on 7/27/11 at 5:33

Story needs more detail. What were the accusations?

By: pswindle on 7/27/11 at 12:23

Why would anyone take a job that deals with money? You know that a new administration will try and hang someone. Congratulations Mr. Farr for coming out on the other side clean.