Officials welcome Omni Hotels during groundbreaking event

Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 1:51pm

More than 300 people gathered Thursday morning to celebrate the ceremonial groundbreaking of the Omni Nashville Hotel, a $250 million structure to rise adjacent to the massive Music City Center convention facility.

“This will be a distinctly Nashville building,” Mayor Karl Dean told the crowd, after garnering a standing ovation while he strode to the tent-covered podium.

Excavation equipment and perimeter fencing are now on the site, bordered by Fourth and Fifth avenues on the east and west, respectively, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on the north and what will be an extended Korean Veterans Boulevard on the south.

Completion of the 21-story hotel — which will include 800 rooms, various meeting areas and street-level retail and restaurant/bar space — is slated for mid-2013. Once finished, the Omni will be the anchor hotel for the Music City Center.

During the event, Omni Hotels Inc. President Mike Deitemeyer said the Dallas-based company already has about 15,000 bookings and commitments for 100,000 more.

Deitemeyer stressed how Omni officials have been visiting various Nashville restaurant and retail businesses in an attempt to get a feel for the city.

“It’s all about creating a uniqueness here,” he said. “What makes Omni different is our drive to avoid homogenization.”

Marty Dickens, chair of the Nashville Convention Center Authority, hosted the event, calling Omni “one of the finest hotel groups in America.”

Dickens referenced the time and effort needed to make the MCC a reality. He noted Omni will perfectly supplement the convention center.

Kyle Young, director of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, recalled the day in 1999 when ground was broken on what has become the civic institution he now oversees. Drawing a parallel, he said, “Today we stand on another parking lot of dreams.”

Young did not say when work will start on the CMHofFM expansion project.

Dallas-based HKS Hill Glazier Studio is designing the hotel, with Brasfield & Gorrie to serve as general contractor.

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By: shinestx on 6/16/11 at 11:58

I have seen the ugly box that the Omni will be housed in.

By: shinestx on 6/16/11 at 12:02

From the article...
“It’s all about creating a uniqueness here,” he (President Mike Deitemeyer) said. “What makes Omni different is our drive to avoid homogenization.”

Unfortunately, Deitmeyer doesn't realize that the homogenization of his new building will obviate any other "uniqueness" associated with his hotel.

By: dxfret on 6/16/11 at 5:14

The construction of the Music City Center project is already very visible and totally transforming the SoBro district of downtown. The Omni Hotel will only enhance it in a good way. Its all happening fast now and fits very well with the Nashville skyline.

By: shoes1 on 6/16/11 at 8:14

I sure hope B&G does a better job utilizing local tradesman than Clark and Bell have on the MCC. They should be ashamed. The mayor and city council too. There is no excuse for not making a small effort to work local and Tennessee companies. Please temper your selfish greed with some discrimination.

By: shinestx on 6/16/11 at 8:22

Why do local people have to be hired for any project? If a person is the best metal worker in the country and s/he is available to work in Nashville, then why shouldn't that person be hired? The work s/he does benefits the local area, and a portion (if not all) of his/her pay will be spent locally. So your last comment did not make a lick of sense: Do we need to discriminate? And who is greedy? Oh, are you talking about those companies that are good at what they do... and are in the position to get paid a nice fee for their services. Or are you arguing that it doesn't matter if someone can/cannot do the job... the local yokels need to be hired anyway?

By: shoes1 on 6/17/11 at 4:28

To answer your question "why".- simply because it's the decent thing to do when your state has suffered years of increasing unemployment The business of politics (selfish greed) dictated we shall receive the MCC. And wouldn't you know it.... that's the way it is being built. With little or no consideration for the local and state business community. The MCC was sold as an economic stimulus. It didn't happen that way. Anybody who sold us a convention center when what we need is schools, teachers, prisons, and police... is greedy and selfish. Of course it matters if someone/company is capable... I said.... "some discrimination". ie. some little effort to use companies based in this city/state- many of which are well capable of building the MCC. Clark is not using the best. They are using the cheapest. You may as well have went down to Walmart and bought yourself a convention center. God bless America!

By: yucchhii on 6/17/11 at 2:41

Ya know when the "NEW" convention center was being planned, first off they said that they would be doing local hiring and also giving the "HOMELESS" people a chance to snag work. But that was LIE #1. They did not hire many from local area...most from OUT OF STATE! 2- The "NEW" convention center (Which is mayor Karl "DINKs" little baby was put to the vote of the Nashvillians...and the Nashvillians said "NO!" "WE DON'T WANT IT" So you see what THEIR vote got them...right? Like the "DINK" really cared!! Anyway, I'm sure they will do the same thing with the OMNI and hire outside help. To the person who says that if a metal worker is the best in the country, that person should be hired...YOU ARE "WRONG!" The economy would be MUCH BETTER to hire locally. 1- To put your community back to work. 2- Majority of that persons pay will go into the community to help the people who LIVE there. Even though Toyota has plants here in the USA, (think about this) they think it will help the US economy...NO! IT WON'T...because for every new car that is bought, where does the money go? Answer: JAPAN. It does NOT come back into circulation here. The same with all the illeagle immigrants...they come here, take OUR jobs and send the money back to their does NOT come back to circulate back into the AMERICAN economy. Mayor DINK should NOT become mayor AGAIN!!!

By: shinestx on 6/17/11 at 3:32

That's just simply wrong. Right off the bat, the money paid to assembly workers at the domestic plants does NOT go to Japan. Most of that money stays in the communities where the plants are located. Just proving that point alone being wrong, it's safe to say most of your other points are wrong also.