Pam Murray hopes to reclaim District 5 Metro Council seat

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 12:14pm

Former Metro Councilwoman Pam Murray, ousted from office 15 months ago through a special recall election, says she plans to run to reclaim her old District 5 seat.

“I’m going to run,” Murray told The City Paper Tuesday. “I’ve got a lot of people who’ve asked me to.”

Murray picked up election qualifying papers at the Davidson County Election Commission office last Friday, the first day would-be candidates could do so. On Tuesday, Murray confirmed she hopes to become a candidate. To qualify, Murray, like all candidates, would need to turn in 25 petition signatures to the election commission by May 19. Metro’s general election is Aug. 4.

Councilman Jamie Hollin, who led the 2009 recall effort that led to Murray’s removal, currently represents District 5 on the council. After a bitter campaign, Hollin defeated Murray by two votes. Hollin has said he doesn’t plan to seek another term.

Council attorney Jon Cooper said Murray is eligible to hold her former seat, if elected. Murray had held the seat for six years prior to being removed. Cooper said Murray is not term limited.

“The Metro Charter says you’re term limited if you serve two complete four-year terms,” Cooper said. “Since her second term was not complete, she’s not term limited, in my opinion.”

Murray is currently involved in a lawsuit in which she has sued Hollin and several former constituents, alleging they defamed her character leading up to the special recall election. Depositions are scheduled next week.

Before Murray’s exit, Hollin and others who formed the group “We the People of District 5” characterized her as an unresponsive, tone-deaf elected official. They also said Murray spent much of her time in Detroit, where she held a job.

Among the defendants in Murray’s suit is Amy Bryson, who has also picked up qualifying papers to run for the District 5 seat. Bryson, a realtor and neighborhood activist, has already announced her candidacy.

Scott Davis, director of advertising and sales with Nashville Pride, an African-American newspaper, has also picked up qualifying papers. Davis has also announced intentions to run.

In all, 45 people have picked up qualifying papers to run for Metro seats, many who are council members seeking a second term.  

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By: house_of_pain on 2/22/11 at 11:42

Seriously? Wow. I guess she's too oblivious to take a hint.

By: govskeptic on 2/22/11 at 12:03

What a hoot this district is having on selecting a
council member. Surely a better candidate than
either of the past two will step forward to run!

By: richgoose on 2/22/11 at 1:45

What kind of people live in this district? Do people really exist that would vote for this kind of person?

By: Nitzche on 2/22/11 at 2:32

this is a Obama district...enough said!

By: Rocket99 on 2/23/11 at 7:21

Nitzche, please explain your comment.

By: treehugger7 on 2/23/11 at 7:31

There is no explanation except prejudice.

By: global_citizen on 2/23/11 at 8:01

I've had the misfortune of trying to go through Pam Murray to make improvements in District 5 and learned first hand what the people of District 5 were complaining about. Despite numerous calls and emails, I never once got a response from Ms. Murray. And the improvements I were proposing cost very little and would have helped public school children. If that can't raise her interest what does?

By: 4gold on 2/23/11 at 8:15

Pam sure wants that seat bad. Must have cut into her under the table finances. Votes in this district are easily bought with breakfasts and free rides. There is enough smoke around this women to qualify for a California Wild Fire. Too bad we cant keep the crooked ones out of council. Also I think she needs something like 6 more months of service to qualify for free healthcare for life from metro. Dont know the particulars on that but think that needs to be looked into as a huge expense to Nashvillians and not just Pam. Pam has sued everyone that campaigned against her. That is how this women operates. Chicago style. What next? Mafia?

By the way, I like Obama. I want nothing to do with this women. drugs or deals. Sad Sad Sad we cant find better than that

Go Dores, Preds, Titans! Go Nashville a great place to live!

By: Captain Nemo on 2/23/11 at 8:29

Wow, what cave did Nitzche crawl out of?

By: trtay2004 on 2/23/11 at 8:43

Having lived in the district and a neighbor to Murray for the last 5 years, everyone please pray this woman gets defeated. She's completely insane and does so many illegal acts, I'm surprised the law doesn't seize everything she owns. She wins the elections by bringing in people to vote that don't even live in the neighborhood. She threatens everyone in the district.

By: Lischey_Ave on 2/23/11 at 10:37

I'd like to know who exactly is "asking" Pam Murray to run? Thieves and scoundrels? I am extremely active in the area and rarely see Pam at events. Neighborhood clean-ups? Flood assistance? Spring planting? Ha - only those that further her own agenda does she attend (and even then she shows up late). And now she's suing people for speaking the truth. She's completely mental.

I pray the election officials grow a pair and stop letting her bus in friends and nefarious acquaintances from out of district (and even out of county) to come in to vote for her. Seriously. These shenanigans need to stop so we can move on with the business of improving our neighborhoods.

By: Lischey_Ave on 2/23/11 at 10:51

trtay2004, you're so right - making threats is nothing new to Ms. Murray:

Ex-Councilwoman Intimidating Voters

By: Radix on 2/23/11 at 1:33

Hollin or Murray. Can I we get "neither" added to the ballot?

By: Nitzche on 2/23/11 at 2:46

2+2=4....unless you resort to the traditional caveman drivel, racism standby... let's check the voting in the last Presidential election and see if 2+2=4...but it will still be the same ole wa wa wa

By: Rocket99 on 2/23/11 at 4:42

Nitzche must be on drugs. Only explination.

By: Nitzche on 2/23/11 at 5:23

no drugs..just a little the facts are getting in the way of your little utopia.. they want Pam Murray, so what is wrong with that?

By: shef2 on 2/24/11 at 12:38

Just do not be complacent. She WON, before. She did, and does not need to be there.

By: mom of 5 on 3/25/11 at 7:25

Pam Murray would is not only the best candidate, but she is a caring and compassionate individual ! She is a HOMEOWNER in the district, therefore she wants to district improved and would love to have less unemployment in the area, but that is a national problem and she cannot do that alone!!

No doubt there is resentment against her, but it appears to be from those who have not , will not, do not deserve to have a chance, due to their uneducated selves. The best candidate that this district has to offer is PAMELA MURRAY !!! Being that there is no one else who can even compare to her. I pray that she wins this lawsuit and puts the "clique" in the position that they need to be - ruined!! GOT GET THEM PAM, YOU HAVE ALL OF MY SUPPORT !! I know where she lives ( in this district) I see her quite often, and hmmmm, I have never even been to Detroit !!LOO DmCole

By: mom of 5 on 3/25/11 at 8:52

When Ms. Murray wins this lawsuit and also the election, this so called " clique" will be " no MO" - I retrieved this comment from another site that was also trying to slam her reputation ! Now this no doubt sounds like discrimination to me, and I am a white individual !!!! Therefore, MAY THE BEST WOMAN WIN!!!!!!! GO PAM, GO !!!!!! DmCole

By: lisavann1 on 8/4/11 at 1:01

Murray won't stop these malicious accusations she makes against every opponent who runs against her. Scott Davis has not played the games that she plays. I actually had one of her the current flier in my door on Tuesday accusing Scott of stealing signs and another a time before that...and I have a Scott Davis sign in my front yard. She just ignored the fact I am supporting Scott Davis and I just live down the road from here. I will not vote for someone like her and I hope the people of District 5 don't give into her. I have seen enough the 5 years I've been there and she wasn't around until this last 1.5 years when we won the recall election.

By: lisavann1 on 8/4/11 at 1:03

Plus I've seen her complain that she wasn't invited to a person graduation banquet. Even though she was not invited but complained. Then she shows up for the dinner for all of 5 minutes just to make an appearance.