Parents withdraw recall effort aimed at school board member

Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 1:13pm

Hillsboro High School area parents who had initiated a recall attempt against District 8 school board member Michael Hayes have withdrawn their petition effort.

Parents three weeks ago picked up petitions in hopes of removing Hayes from office, the culmination of their frustration after the controversial transfer of beloved Hillsboro International Baccalaureate coordinator Mary Catherine Bradshaw. The petitioners needed to collect more than 6,000 signatures in just 30 days to hold a special election.

But now the concerned citizens say they’re satisfied with Hayes’ actions in reaching out to constituents, particularly his “stated support for the cluster-wide International Baccalaureate program,” a press release sent by the group reads.

“I hadn’t heard that,” Hayes said of the withdrawn petition effort when contacted by The City Paper. “I think it’s certainly good news.

“Throughout the spring, I met with parents, spoke to parents on the phone about the International Baccalaureate program,” he said. “I’ve participated in a number of small group meetings with parents and Dr. [Jesse] Register. I’ll continue to do that throughout the summer.”  

The press release issued by concerned Hillsboro parents says Hayes has done a better job of responding timely to constituent concerns, organizing future meetings over the summer, attending parent-teacher meetings and overtly expressing his supporter for the International Baccalaureate program. 

“That’s what we wanted,” said Paula Jennings, who is active in the Hillsboro area and had taken part in the petition-drive. “We wanted our elected official to respond to parents. He’s responding, so we’re just trying to say that’s all we ever wanted.” 

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By: govskeptic on 6/17/11 at 8:02

They would have never gotten the required signatures hoped for!

By: conniem on 6/17/11 at 3:36

These parents are a bunch of whiners that need to put their children in private schools because MNPS will never be good enough for them. Why don't they just admit DEFEAT and move on!!!! You can't get everything that you want all of the time, and we wonder what is wrong with our youth, take a look at who is raising them.
They care about no one but themselves and their children, there are 1200 students at Hillsboro High, how dare you all try to interupt this man's life because someone moved your favorite teacher. Are you kidding? You all are totally wrong. Mary Catherine is an awesome teacher, and I am also sorry to lose her, but you don't try to go after someone else because you didn't get what you wanted. Really people, grow up!!!!