Parnassus Books slated to open in Green Hills in October

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 1:56pm
Staff reports

Parnassus Books will open in October in Green Hills’ Greenbriar Village, the owners of the bookstore announced Wednesday.

Greenbriar Village is located where Abbott Martin Road T-intersects with Hillsboro Pike and includes, among other well-recognized tenants, The Donut Den.

Parnassus Books co-owners author Ann Patchett and publishing veteran Karen Hayes said in a release the store will focus on customer service. The staff is to be headed by Karen Hayes and Mary Grey James, formerly of Ingram Content Company.

The bookstore's opening comes on the heels of the recent closings of Davis-Kidd Booksellers and Border's.

The store will stock literature, non-fiction, children’s, local interests, and the arts in both printed and digital formats.

In addition, the store will carry greeting cards and journals, magazines and newspapers, locally produced products and art, and store-branded merchandise. 

Parnassus Books will enable customers to buy e-books through its website and its affiliation with Google eBooks.  

The store will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Customers will be able to sign up for the “Parnassus First Edition Club” which will offer a series of collector-worthy titles signed by nationally and locally known authors.

The store’s media outreach will include an email newsletter with store news, events, and staff recommendations, as well as a Facebook page with updates about newly released titles and events. Parnassus Books will also have a website featuring a monthly blog Patchett will pen.

Patchett and Hayes said in the release that as Mt. Parnassus was the center of Greek learning and culture, Parnassus Books will “serve as a center for Nashville’s literary community by hosting author readings, workshops, book clubs, and music events.”

10 Comments on this post:

By: dargent7 on 8/17/11 at 1:40

While everyone else is closing shop, they're opening up. Good luck.

By: Writeman on 8/17/11 at 4:30

Maybe they could work a promotion with the Donut Den? Buy a book, get a donut!

By: tomw on 8/18/11 at 6:03

Yikes! parking is already a mess in that center. I'm not too sure I will be shopping in a store located in an area with limited parking and horrific traffic. I find it sad that with all of the downtown area to chose from, shop owners continue to choose Green Hills for its supposed cashe. All that being said, good luck Parnassus, we need you.

By: localboy on 8/18/11 at 8:09

Good point, tomw - guess the allure must be the supposed amount of foot traffic between shops.

By: cyndietodd on 8/18/11 at 9:07

Nice! I'll look forward to being able to walk there and pick up the New York Times as well as add to my autographed first-edition collection. Hopefully the store will create an opportunity for community and get people out from behind their laptops and actually meet each other.

By: areare on 8/18/11 at 9:40

This is great news! As of today we only have 2 retail book stores in Davidson county both Books-a-Million, And as to the location so much better than the above mentioned downtown area. Parking downtown is problematic and would require a bit of a walk most likely. And who would go to the store in the evening? So YEA for a new book store in Green Hills!

By: Leazee on 8/18/11 at 7:31

The location is horrendous. No thanks. I agree with those who question the need of the owners to be a part of Green Hills shopping. Obviously, a central location with access to ALL of Nashville was not considered. A downtown location would have been lovely and also inexpensive. Parking is posssible and walking? My God-what is problematic with walking? Ask Mayor Dean about that! For a city attempting to make its downtown viable and appealing, perhaps a downtown bookstore near the Library would have been nice. But that would have required city planning. I am not a member of Nashville's literary community and that's to whom they are trying to please. Keeping Parnassus clubby and exclusive seems to be the standard. Think I will be going to the VU/Barnes-Noble bookstore or Book -a-Million. Hopefully Nashville will have room for all of them.

By: global_citizen on 8/19/11 at 7:45

To everyone moaning and grumbling about the location or parking, put your own money on the table and open your own d*mn bookstore. Otherwise shut up and quit whining. Some people just can't be happy about anything.

By: bookguy on 9/9/11 at 2:53

Sounds like another Green Hills club for the wealthy.
I would open my own bookstore in a heartbeat, but former booksellers are long on
experience/knowledge/dedication and short on cash. With 30 ex-DK employees at hand, not one was approached. Slap in the face. Again.
I won't be going to B&N or BAM, I'll be going to used bookstores like Rhino on Charlotte Ave, where they can and will get you any book you want, in or out of print.

By: wescn on 9/25/11 at 10:09

Actually, the staff does include a couple of ex-DK employees. Just for the record.