Pearl's death has given us a hard lesson in evil

Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 1:00am

Like so many over the past several days who've written about Daniel Pearl, former reporter for The Wall Street Journal, I didn't know him. But I thought about him every day for a month or more. And I remain horrified by his final hour.

If Pearl is not to have died in vain, then let us at least learn this much: Pearl was killed by evil. Not by people with legitimate political concerns; not by disenfranchised victims of American imperialism. But by evil.

Not that sensible people needed reminding after Sept. 11 that pure evil exists. Yet how fearful some are of saying so. Every time George Bush utters the word "evil" or the phrase "axis of evil," certain parties respond with moral indignation.

"Why, why, you can't call people 'evildoers

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