Phil Bredesen adds to Holleman's mounting political opposition

Friday, July 22, 2011 at 4:32pm

Two days ago, it was Mayor Karl Dean.

Now, former Tennessee governor and Nashville mayor Phil Bredesen — as had been expected — is featured on a campaign mail-piece for attorney Sarah Lodge Tally, the well-connected election challenger of District 24 Metro Councilman Jason Holleman.

Bredesen’s appearance simply reinforces what was clear from the list of names who signed Tally’s qualifying petition several weeks ago: Holleman must stave off much of Nashville’s Democratic Party establishment — and Dean — to win a second term serving his West Nashville, Sylvan-Park-area constituents. 

“As a mayor and governor, I worked hard to move Nashville forward,” Bredesen says in the campaign ad. “Sarah Lodge Tally is part of the new generation of leaders who will build on our success and build a better place to live, work and raise a family. Please join me in supporting Sarah for Metro Council.”

Similar to the Dean mailer, the Bredesen piece says Tally can help make sure Metro schools are fully funded; expand parks and greenways; increase police protection; and foster growth and development along Charlotte Avenue. 

Contacted by The City Paper, Holleman expressed hope voters will compare Tally’s record with his. 

“I am hopeful that the voters of the 24th District will make their decision based on qualifications and our records of involvement in our district,” he said. 

On Friday morning, Holleman released a YouTube video that alludes to the army of high-profile Nashvillians backing Tally, while touting his own support.

“You’ve heard a lot about who’s backing my opponent in this election,” Holleman says in the video. “So, I want to take just a second to talk about who’s supporting me.”

Holleman’s video highlights his friends, neighbors and family. In it, Holleman says he and his wife have knocked on more than 3,000 doors, and with the help of volunteers, have called thousands of voters.

Early voting runs through July 30. Election Day is Aug. 4. 

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By: bfra on 7/22/11 at 6:15

These politicians must be scared to death of Holleman! That's good!

VOTE FOR JASON HOLLEMAN! He must be honest & a man of his word.

By: mbran714 on 7/22/11 at 6:18

It’s a pity that a group of well-heeled Democrats has chosen to gang up against Jason Holleman in District 24.

Here’s what Jason had the audacity to do: (1) He wanted to study whether it made sense to alter the present use of the Fairground. This was not only sensible but also sensitive to the wishes of a non-trivial number of citizens. (2) He initially opposed the construction of a convention center, on the empirically demonstrable ground that it would compel higher taxes for ordinary Nashvillians and would never pay its own way. (3) He wanted (and got) a study to determine whether a proposed connector to White Bridge Road would in fact be feasible and useful and to ensure that it would not produce increased traffic on neighborhood streets.

For these thoughtful and responsible positions, he’s been branded with treason. Some Democratic elites have brought forth an opponent and poured massive amounts of cash into her campaign. I’m sure that Sarah Tally is a decent person, just as those who support her are decent people. But any fair and dispassionate comparison of their platforms and experience can justify only one conclusion: Jason is the far superior candidate.

He’s intelligent. He’s insightful. He’s independent. He’s responsive. He’s principled. He believes in reason and process, against autocracy. And he’s committed to serving citizens, not doling out interest-group favors.

Don’t get me wrong. I support the Mayor’s re-election, and I’m no fan of the current Fairground. But I believe good government requires a diversity of reasonable views, responsibly presented. Having thoughtful representatives like Jason not only makes for better policy. It makes us a better community. He is precisely the sort of person a growing, prosperous city needs.

By: Leazee on 7/22/11 at 6:38

I used to support Dean, but I am repulsed by his and his cohorts reaction to independent, intelligent thinking and challenges. As if Jason is not a progressive and is "stuck" in the status quo and does not want or see Nashville's better days?! Help me here.

By: pswindle on 7/22/11 at 8:01

This makes me more for Jason. Why is a heavy hitter like Bredesen getting involved? They want to ge rid of the Fairgounds. If Opryland had kept Opryland Park, what a difference it would hve made to their business and for Nashville.

By: Nitzche on 7/22/11 at 9:35

this is a joke,,,she is about as qualified for this kind of attention as jerry maynard is being re elected, ronnie steine, megan berry, et al...seriously Phil and karl need to go back to Mass. and take jerry back to Indiana, megan to wherever she is from,i bet not here? Dick Lodge

By: Floyd2 on 7/23/11 at 3:23

The best Holleman can say is that his mom and wife support him? Oh, yeah, he has four old ladies making calls. They're probably his mom's friends.

Why didn't Holleman put his real supporters in this joke of a video? Where's John Summers? Where's Eric Crafton? Where's Michael Craddock?

This video shows that Holleman's campaign is dead. Good-bye to a know-it-all obstructionist.

By: bfra on 7/23/11 at 6:17

Floyd2 - Is Karl paying you overtime for your comments on more than just this paper? He must be running scared that even if elected, his hand picked puppets won't be on the council to do his every bidding!

Vote for anybody that isn't a Karl Dean puppet!

By: Chich on 7/23/11 at 6:41

Our fellow posters, bfra and mbran714, both appear to be ignorant of some important aspects of Holleman's record.

As Councilman, Holleman flunked at honesty and transparency. He's shown time and again that his primary goal is forcing his personal agenda. He prefers working in secret and exploiting the consequential element of surprise.

The District 24 voters know this about Holleman. Every time they drive by that vacant lot at 46th & Charlotte, they're reminded of Holleman's absence of character and incompetence as Councilman. We could have had a new Rite Aid Pharmacy on that corner, but Holleman deliberately sabotaged the Rite Aid deal. His secret attack cost the owners their sale, violated Metro protocol and caused more vacancy and neglect on Charlotte.

Rite Aid was willing to pay about $2.8 million for that property and everything was going smoothly until Holleman attacked. He drafted two restrictive Zoning Bills on this specific property so as to encumber it and drive away this buyer. This is a typical example of Holleman's working in secret in order to gain an advantage. He purposely violated recognized protocol in not notifying the property owners of his actions nor holding any prior meetings whatsoever. Why? Because his personal agenda is to drive out what he calls "Big Box" commercial development and to force his view at any cost. He has proven himself to be one of these collectivists who has no concept of private business & enterprise, or the fact that investment = jobs = more investment & more jobs.

Looks as if Holleman used his elected office to torpedo the Rite Aid deal. And it worked; Rite Aid walked away. Why? Because Holleman's threatened zoning restrictions inflated their costs and increased their hassles (just as Holleman intended they should) on the property. But with 4700 stores, Rite Aid is successful at what they do. They've seen it all in their business. Including bureaucrats like Holleman. Rather than mess with him, Rite Aid just moved on and placed their investment elsewhere.

And what became of Holleman's two restrictive Zoning Bills to "save the historic Church" building? The building is now gone. And it turns out that neither Holleman Bill had any merit whatsoever. Their only purpose was to kill the Rite Aid deal; "Saving the historic building" was just Holleman's ruse. As soon as his true objective was met, Holleman withdrew both his Zoning Bills.

Now that his "reelection campaign" is sinking under the weight of his contemptible record, he's fabricating all kinds of tales explain his shenanigans. Listen to them closely and you'll note the panicked desperation of cover-up. And remember that Holleman's actions, not his words, define his motives.

Much more than that multi-million dollar Rite Aid opportunity was lost. Many would-be investors watched and listened as Holleman attacked the Rite Aid deal. And, from the looks of Charlotte Ave these days, investors got Holleman's message: "Get Out & Stay Out and take your jobs with you!" Investors now seem to focus on Charlotte Ave. properties in other Districts whose Councilmen are are known to be trustworthy.

For similar examples of Councilman's Holleman's proclivity to work in secret & surprise, you might want to check in w/ the Sisters at Aquinas College. They proposed a new nursing school on their Campus, but Holleman interfered. And guess what? No new nursing school. And the Nuns were left with a clear indication of, shall we say, Mr. Holleman's reputation veracity of statement.

Or you might ask some of the Charlotte Ave merchants who were blindsided when Holleman secretly triggered a Detailed Corridor Design Plan on their properties. He later confessed to consulting with only "seven or eight" owners out of 120+ subject area parcels(!) prior to acting.

Tally may have Dean and Bredesen on her side, but it appears that Holleman's record is more help to Tally's campaign than either of those two guys.

By: bfra on 7/23/11 at 6:59

Chich - You must have a lot invested in Karl's campaign! Are you a house flipper or a puppet? Either way, a vote for Holleman and anyone else that isn't a "yes sir Mr. Dean" puppet, is a vote for a better Nashville.

By: Chich on 7/23/11 at 7:44

Hi bfra. Wrong on both counts. And I'm only one vote so don't worry too much about me. But everybody's got to check out Holleman's You Tube video (linked in the article). For a second I thought You Tube had been hacked. Jason the robot PR disaster.

But there is good news regarding this video. 1) Fletch can reference it as fresh classroom fodder. 2) It illustrates Jason's true calling and a Mortician's License only takes two years.

By: bfra on 7/23/11 at 8:10

Chich - I doubt I am wrong on both counts, but whatever! For some reason, Holleman is a thorn in Karl's side! If Holleman & others, not in the "yes sir Karl" group, can defeat or at least, offer better control, I am all for them. Taxpayers can't afford any more of the Dean machine's control.

By: bfra on 7/23/11 at 8:39

I am really disappointed in Bredesen, that he would stoop so low, as to even add his name to this whitewash scam, of the Karl's clan.

By: govskeptic on 7/23/11 at 9:49

Chich: You need to take out your own ad or write some type op-ed versus using up
all the stringer space here! The Bredesen flier sounds more like an endorsement
of someone running for School Board versus Council member. Having a popular
name within Party circles doesn't make one a great candidate for anything!

By: haveasay on 7/23/11 at 4:16

That's a cute little video of th councilmans little family, how many votes is that? Hope Tally's family is larger, more votes, I think those children in the video are to small to vote.
Chich: you are right in what you say, keep on saying it!

By: Floyd2 on 7/25/11 at 8:00

Here's a new video about the Holleman campaign -