Phil Ryan offers resignation after 11 years running MDHA

Monday, February 11, 2013 at 5:13pm

Metro Development and Housing Agency executive director Phil Ryan offered his resignation Monday, after serving for 11 years in the agency’s top job.

Ryan, whose full career at MDHA spans 21 years, will ask the agency’s board of commissioners to make the move official at its monthly meeting tomorrow. He offered little explanation for the move in an agency release announcing his decision. A spokesman said the agency would not be providing further comment until the board acts on Tuesday.

“I am fortunate to have worked with the dedicated and proud MDHA team for more than two decades,” Ryan said. “Our focus has been on serving more than 28,000 residents we house, on sustainable downtown and on neighborhood redevelopment. I’ve given my all to the job, seven days a week, and after much thought, I feel now is a good time to pursue other career opportunities.”

The agency highlighted a number of MDHA accomplishments under Ryan’s leadership, including the acquisition of land for the Music City Center, and the creation of redevelopment plans for the banks of the Cumberland River.

“Phil has pursued efficiency and service to our residents and Nashville’s citizens untiringly,” said MDHA board chairman Ralph Mosley, in a statement. “We wish him the best. MDHA will continue striving to fulfill its mission to create affordable housing opportunities for Nashvillians, nurture our neighborhoods, and build a greater downtown.”

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By: JeffF on 2/12/13 at 11:19

I bet he got a job offer with possible partnership at McNeely Pigott & Fox.

Oh the wonders of being the head of an off-budget enterprise in urban government. You get to write your own resignation announcement and its gets published with no mention of your high six-figure salary

By: wasaw on 2/12/13 at 11:53

Ryan is bailing out before the newest MDHA failure gets launched. That being of course, the soon to be shown a failure before its doors ever gets opened, Music City Convention Center. Ryan used the powers of the federally funded MDHA to run away lifelong small business owners in the Broadway area. They paid property and business taxes. The soon to open MCCC will gobble up city monies and services at a sub-sonic rate.

But JeffF, you're right on about those McNeely, Pigott & Fox boys. They were right in there, dispersing lies and untruths to convince the local taxpayers that this project is going to be a moneymaker. One of their untruths, in order to acquire support of the local unions, was that local jobs would be created with the hiring of local union workers. That my friends, has apparently not happened. The local unions have taken the project engineers to court in order to obtain the residential addresses of the hired workers. This has taken them over two years. About the time it's taken to build the facility.

There are three basic truths to life Jeff. One is that you're going to die. Secondly, while you live, you're going to pay taxes. And lastly, when a Democrat politician wants something bad enough, he'll lie, cheat and steal, in order to get his way.