Police accuse man of attempting to rape cousin to prevent marriage

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 2:17pm
121112 Alaa Mikhaiel mug.jpg
Alaa Mikhaiel

Alaa Mikhaiel, 26, was arrested on Monday after allegedly attempting to rape his cousin in order to prevent her from getting married.

According to Metro Nashville Police Department affidavits, Mikhaiel persuaded his cousin to get in his car to talk. Police allege he then drove her to Hamilton Creek boat ramp against her will and attempted to take off her clothes.

One affidavit indicates that Mikhaiel didn’t approve of his cousin’s boyfriend — and by raping her, they would likely not have gotten married due to “Egyptian customs.”

The World Health Organization cites a study that indicates a strong stigma against raped women in Egypt. According to the study, 47 percent of murdered women in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1993 were killed by their relatives following a rape.

Mikhaiel was charged with kidnapping, attempted rape and domestic assault. He made bond and was released from jail on Tuesday.