Police arrest evangelist after alleged pepper spray incident

Monday, June 6, 2011 at 2:35pm
Glynis Bethel

A traveling evangelist’s latest run-in with Metro police officers has led to her arrest for allegedly assaulting an officer with pepper spray.

Metro police — responding to a disorderly person call at about 1:20 a.m. Saturday at Second Avenue North and Broadway — said Glynis Bethel, 48, sprayed another woman and then a police officer with pepper spray, according to an affidavit.

Police arrested and charged Bethel with resisting arrest, assault of an officer and assault. As of Monday morning, Bethel remained in Davidson County jail in lieu of $10,000 bond.

The reported victim in Saturday morning’s incident told police that she was trying to separate her friend from an argument with Bethel and others, who wore shirts sporting slogans such as “God hates gays” and “God hates whores,” according to the affidavit. Bethel allegedly sprayed the woman in the face, according to police.

The affidavit states that a nearby police officer dressed in plainclothes caught the altercation on tape.

While police were investigating the incident, they said Bethel tried to leave. When an officer approached to stop her, she allegedly sprayed the officer in the face.

Metro police were familiar with Bethel and her family. At last Friday’s weekly police Compstat meeting, a Central Precinct lieutenant said officers who patrol downtown have responded to several other incidents in which Bethel family members were somehow allegedly involved during the past couple of weeks.

In April, Bethel and her husband tried to enroll their children, whom they claimed were homeless, at Brentwood High School, but school officials denied the admission, claiming that the family actually had a permanent residence in Alabama.

Shortly afterward, the Bethels filed a federal lawsuit in Nashville against Brentwood High School and the Williamson County school system for allegedly violating their civil rights by not allowing them to distribute religious literature on school property.

Bethel and her family, which includes three minor children who join in the family practice of evangelizing, filed a similar suit against the Nashville Public Library in May after library staff told them they couldn’t pass out unapproved printed materials inside the library.

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By: revo-lou on 6/6/11 at 12:57

Wow, what a nutcase. We need a way to commit people like this for their addiction.

By: NewYorker1 on 6/6/11 at 2:43

Evangelist? Really? More like Coo Coo Bird. After I saw her on the news, it was clear that this sista has a mental issue. She needs to be strapped up in a jacket and in one of those padded rooms. Bless her heart. Talk about brainwashed to the nth power. Somebody has done a number on her.

By: AmyLiorate on 6/6/11 at 2:48

What a loon. God doesn't hate homosexuals, whores, etc. I read hate the sin, love the sinner. I don't think attacking people (pepper spray) goes along with "turn the other cheek", but I shouldn't be judging others now should I?

By: HokeyPokey on 6/7/11 at 5:28

Crazy for Jesus.



By: b4davis on 6/7/11 at 6:57

How sad it is that these people use innocent children to act out their craziness.

By: richgoose on 6/7/11 at 6:57

This woman has all the makings of a religous martyr. We may know her name 2000 years from now.

Then again she may be found out to be a front for the "Committee to Save Outrageous Thoughts."

By: not_guilty on 6/7/11 at 10:12

When she turns the other cheek, in which direction is she facing?

By: Marymeet on 6/7/11 at 3:01

Watched this person on the news in April, she was thrilled that she was stopped and said she was going to do it again, she loves suing schools, people, governments, it is how these people make their money.

Christian? Road apples! Con artists? Absolutely.

By: yucchhii on 6/14/11 at 12:58

yucchhii First off, there is NOTHING wrong with pulling your friend "AWAY" from an argument! I can't say too much about the incident since I was NOT there! There are many details that are NOT explained here. As far as I'm concerned, a police officer is human just like anyone else. They may have a tough job to do and need to be VERY careful in the choices they make as to how to handle various situations. There are times when a choice becaomes clear and needs no thought when circumstances are known immeadiately as to what and HOW to deal with situations. There are also a number of officers that make a bad choice on purpose thinking they can get away with it JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE POLICE OFFICERS AND IT'S "THEIR" WORD AGAINST OURS! Now, as for the bible, the bible has it's own defense. It NEEDS NO defense! God told you something and you either believe it or you don't! God gave us freedom of will to make that choice. You CAN'T FORCE someone to love you...NO MATTER WHAT!! God gave us that freedonm of will, so if you make the right choice and love god the way he says, then you reap the rewards. If you don't love him, then you DON'T reap the rewards. You make decisions every minute of the day, even if you say "Ehhhhhhh, I'll decide later!" Guess what? You just made a decision at that point. I was at the CMA festival and while there, I encountered a person who was involved in arguement with a few people over the bible. I went to that person and asked "WHY argue" He said that you have to FEAR God. He was giving the implication that you have to be "AFRAID" of God and that God WANTS you to argue with people! I told him he needs to REread the bible because FEAR means to "RESPECT" NOT to be afraid. How would God expect you to love him if he wants you to be AFRAID? When I brought that up to him, he WANTED to argue...That's what gives us CHRISTIANS a bad name and makes God look bad to those who don't understand. Also, God does NOT hate gays or Lesbians etc...he HATES the SINs they are committing by being gay! God LOVES ALL PEOPLE!! God hates SIN and because he is HOLY, he cannot look at sin. This is why, when Jesus was crucified, he "BECAME" sin as he took on ALL the sins of the world in order to give us life forever, and God could not look at sin which is what Jesus became to save us. Life is about making choices and you need to make the right choices or the consequences will NOT be pleasant. I told this guy, I was NOT there to argue with him and I left. He's leading people astray from the truth of Gods word!!

By: glynisbethel on 6/27/11 at 7:15

GOD is good.

I have turned the other cheek. When the bastard hit my son in the mouth and the corrupt officer Michael D. Kent refused to allow me to file a poLICE report, I turned the other cheek when I saw the guy. I wanted to busted the bastard in the head with the chair I was carrying, but I restrained myself. I turned the other cheek when about five stupid women, probably all wh0res, were physcially hitting my children as they exercised their right to freedom of speech in a PUBLIC place. The law allows us to preach the gospel and share our speech without being beaten by a bunch of dumb blondes or dumb whores. I used the pepper spray in self defense of a corrupt Sgt. attempting to make a FALSE arrest. I am a Christian; civil rights leader; attorney pro se; and a citizen. I know the law. The ENTIRE thing, I believe was staged. I was having bible study with a gay who I believe was a part of the entrampment by the Metro poLICE. They had their meeting and decided that they were going to falsely arrest me and remove me from the PUBLIC property illegally and I decided that I was going to defend myself against a FALSE arrest and I did. I thought that they were going to kill me possibly, but I was willing to meet my maker as courageous saint like David; Joshua, etc from the Bible . Romans 13, gives me the autority by GOD to execute His fierce wrath upon the evil doers. I turned the other cheek, but GOD told me to discipline the Sgt. Haught who REFUSED to execute fierce wrath upon the evil doers. They were simply making an illegal arrest and they wanted me to participate and I refused. I don't look NOTHING like Kunta Kinta. They are not my slave masters. The cops are a part of a illegal mafia ring. They wanted to beat me and traumatize my children. My children have been beating corrupt cops butts since they were VERY young. The corrupt cops are NOT exempted from following the laws. The laws that Sgt. Haught; Evans, etc. broke were the First, Second, Fourth, and the Fourteenth Amendments. I am going to be pressing CRIMINAL CHARGES against all of the thugs or gang members that you see in the video as soon as I get straight. I am praying that GOD is going to vindicate me of my adversaries. I forgive them. In the Bible Luke 21:12 it states that they would lay hands on me and to place me in the prisons. The rap song stated that handcuffs are a part of my jewelry. I know what I will have to suffer for preaching the gospel. The cops were tired of hearing about their fornication sins and conspired against myself and my family to shut me up. They knew that I was the MOST aggressive one and I guess that they felt that if they falsely arrest me that it would break down the ministry and the fire and brimstone preaching. When I was in jail, my husband didn't evn take the children out to preach. As soon as I got out, I
Act 2:38
Repent everyone and be baptized and you shall receive the gift of the HOLY GHOST!
850-725-6828 for interviews and contacting prophetess, Glynis Bethel who is recovering from her injuries