Police arrest man suspected of murdering TSU student

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at 1:08am
Staff reports

Metro Police Department SWAT officers assigned to the Special Response Team Tuesday night arrested 18-year-old accused murderer Marquez Mallard as he walked in the 1000 block of Sharpe Avenue. 

Mallard is charged with the Oct. 27, 2010, fatal shooting of Tennessee State University student Jonathan Finley. Finley, 24, was with two other men inside an SUV when the three arrived at a Jefferson Street residence. They reported seeing a burglar, subsequently identified as Mallard, coming from the rear. Fearing for their safety, they drove off. Mallard is alleged to have fired several shots at the vehicle, killing Finley, who was seated in the rear passenger seat.

Metro police said Mallard was armed with an unloaded semi-automatic pistol at the time of his arrest.

Mallard was convicted of aggravated burglary on Oct. 14, 2010, and received a three-year probated sentence.

Mallard is now being held without bond in the Metro Jail on charges of criminal homicide, aggravated burglary, aggravated assault, auto theft (the car he got out of Tuesday was stolen, police said) and unlawful weapon possession by a convicted felon.



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By: wataboutbob on 1/12/11 at 8:31

. . . "three-year probated sentence". The DA and judge need to assume some responsibility for this murderer.

By: Writeman on 1/12/11 at 9:53

Exactly, watsaboutbob. "Three year probated sentence" (so he could "graduate" to a murderer...err..."alleged" murderer. Great job, judge!!!

By: helloo people w... on 1/12/11 at 9:59

if he gets the same judge for the murder charge he will probably just get a couple more years added to that probation, that is all.

By: cjbwhite1 on 1/12/11 at 11:06

Ditto to all of the above!

By: Tiger4u on 1/12/11 at 11:22

Al .T. Star
Where in these United Staes did this Murderer get this automatic weapon He chose to kill that Young Man. Whoever sold Him the weapon should get life in Prison too. This kind of Justice would definitely stop Individuals from selling weapon to just anyone. Just tell Mallard He might not get the Electric Chair if He comes out with the Truth on Who sold Him the gun.
That's Tiger4u

By: stlgtr55@yahoo.com on 1/12/11 at 11:27

How do We know someone sold him the weapon? He may have stolen it. If he did buy it, it very well could have been on the black market. I doubt seriously if he had a CCW permit.

By: localboy on 1/12/11 at 12:51

So, does that negate Tiger4u's proposal?

By: wataboutbob on 1/12/11 at 1:15

When he was arrested he had a semi-automatic pistol in his possession. Not known yet if that was the murder weapon a couple of months ago.
It was not an "automatic" weapon and readily available from any gun shop.
I, in fact, had one stolen several years ago from my home by burglars.

By: stlgtr55@yahoo.com on 1/12/11 at 2:57

Localboy, I would think it would negate Tiger4u's proposal if he stole the weapon. It would depend on how safely locked and put away it was before it was stolen. If he bought it legally, it should negate it also. Maybe someone gave it to him. There are several ways to obtain a weapon. I don't think we can speculate and look at this situation on a "One size fits all" basis.