Police charge 15-year-old in Cane Ridge High fireworks incident

Friday, April 8, 2011 at 6:52pm
Staff reports

Metro police have charged a 15-year-old ninth-grader for allegedly setting off a firework in a crowded Cane Ridge High School hallway just before 9 a.m. Friday.

Officers charged the freshman with reckless endangerment and carrying a weapon on campus in the incident that caused the school to be evacuated for three hours Friday.

A trained police dog led investigators to believe the student brought the fireworks to school in his backpack. They believe he then lit the firework in the freshman commons area, which was full of students changing class between first and second period.

Four students were transported to area hospitals with minor burn or eye irritation issues, while seven other students were also injured but declined medical transport.

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By: yogiman on 4/9/11 at 6:40

A 15 year old freshman? WOW! That should be used for the consideration of the boy's stupidity.

Maybe his best punishment would be to make him write "I will not light any firecrackers in school anymore" 200 times before going home.

By: algevis on 4/9/11 at 1:47

This is a really stupid question but what language does the script need to be in?
SaƧ Ekimi