Police confirm investigation into alleged incident with former MBA teacher

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 5:39pm

Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron confirmed to The City Paper that investigators are looking into an alleged incident involving a former Montgomery Bell Academy teacher.

Aaron told The City Paper, "As the result of information received by the police department’s Sex Crimes Unit on Monday, January 23, an investigation is underway into a then-teacher at Montgomery Bell Academy’s potential illegal conduct involving a minor. The investigation is in its infancy and will be active for the next several days."

Late last week, The City Paper reported that MBA had fired an English teacher from their middle school as allegations surfaced of an alleged sexual encounter with an 11th-grade MBA student and two other individuals. The identity and age of the other individuals has yet to be determined. None of the individuals were students of the teacher.

Because it is not known if she is a victim or not, The City Paper declines to publish the name of the teacher at this time.

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By: jws37205 on 1/25/12 at 6:50

This follow-up piece by the city paper tells us nothing. It's only purpose is to keep a negative headline about MBA on the front page of the City Paper.

If action is taken by the Metro Police once they conclude their investigation (whether it is filing charges against the teacher or the students) it will then be a news story. Right now, it is nothing except salacious gossip. If it were anything more, the City Paper would include the name of the teacher or the name of the school where the other students matriculate.

By: Rasputin72 on 1/25/12 at 7:37

I like Brad Gioia, but then again I liked George W. Bush.

By: hattrick3 on 1/25/12 at 10:01

It's not gossip. A authority figure was released from a major prep school due to inappropriate actions. All of this is a fact, not gossip. MBA has taken some severe hits the past two weeks. Not sure what's going on over there but parents should think twice before sending their young man to MBA after all the things going on. Imagine what goes on that we do not hear about. Gentleman (questionable right now), Scholar, Athlete (Cheated to win state championships)

By: freddy on 1/25/12 at 10:40

This is the worst excuse for an article I have ever seen, except the initial City Paper story on Monday. Both pieces refer to the teacher as being a possible victim, which explains why she was fired, right? An investigative reporter would dig a little deeper, THEN turn the story in.

By: NoMusicNoLife on 1/25/12 at 11:14

I agree with Freddy - stop slamming MBA and or the teacher without facts - end the story until the truth comes out - stay on top of your game (story) be the first to report it when confirmed.

By: tbulgarino on 1/25/12 at 11:55


It is obvious that Mr. Whitehouse is carrying Townes Duncan's water by 'bumping' this regurgitation of his Jan. 21 lede. Names, places, and facts win the day, not yellow-journalism.

After reading the Nashville Scene's hit-pieces (links below) regarding Mr. Duncan's son, Edward, I am surprised that his paper runs stories with even less information... and then repeats said 'story' in 3 days under the guise of new information. ha

Do the work and bury the obvious prep school grudges.



An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.
- Winston Churchill

By: adchick on 1/25/12 at 2:10

Police involvement is new information to a story that had previously been juicy gossip.

All of Belle Meade knows the names of the teacher and the boys, as well as at whose house the event occurred and the 3 different schools. Until charges are filed, those names should not be published.

It should be interesting to learn whether the boys or the teacher are potentially in legal trouble.

Just sad.

By: tbulgarino on 1/25/12 at 2:48


I disagree. ^^

From the Jan 21 story,"...The City Paper declines to reveal the name of the teacher at this time because it is not known if she is the victim of rape or willingly participated in a sexual act with a student(s)."

So either, (a) an offense of statutory rape was committed, or (b) a crime of raped was committed, or (c) nothing happened in which case both MBA and the City Paper are in harm's way. Of course the authorities will investigate.

Same story new headline.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.
- Winston Churchill

By: HamBoneHamBone on 1/25/12 at 5:28

"All of Belle Meade knows the names of the teacher and the boys, as well as at whose house the event occurred and the 3 different schools. "

Doesn't Belle Meade have its own police force?

By: jws37205 on 1/26/12 at 6:44

MBA may have its own police force, but MBA is not located within Belle Meade. Plus, they are not really set up to investigate a sex crime. For these and other high profile cases, they defer to the Metro Nashville police force.

Also, I live in Belle Meade and do not know the names of the students, the location of the house, or the name of the teacher. So, stating that everyone knows is not quite true.

By: Oy Vey on 1/26/12 at 3:06

I wonder if they're considering that there may have been roofies involved. It seems a very strange story.

By: spooky24 on 1/29/12 at 2:18

I wish someone would fill me in on what is the original beef the paper has with MBA? Surely, it's not something as simplistic as sports.
The whole article makes little sense to me.