Police ID juvenile found shot to death Sunday night

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 10:33am
Staff reports
Michael A. Walker

Police have identified 16-year-old Michael A. Walker as the victim of a Sunday night shooting in an alley between Bransford and Douglas avenues.

Walker, who died at the scene, was shot multiple times in his upper body around 6 p.m. Sunday. Police identified Walker, of Cisco Street, by his fingerprints after they found no identification on his body.

A witness told police two males, apparently in their late teens, ran through the alley after the gunshots. The two wore dark clothing, with one wearing what seemed like a hooded jacket or sweatshirt with an untucked white shirt underneath.

Walker was a student at Hillsboro High School. Asked Tuesday about a rumor that the school had been placed on lockdown, a representative at the school’s main office said high emotions following Sunday’s shooting spurred various rumors among the students, but the school had not been locked down.

Police urge anyone with information regarding the person or persons who killed Walker to call Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME, or text the word "CASH" along with a message to 274637 (CRIMES).

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By: sickofstupidity on 11/23/10 at 1:38

Hillsboro has had multiple incidents like this over the last few years. The gang squad was there last week twice but it never made the news. The school needs metal detectors and needs to Always locked down.

By: richgoose on 11/24/10 at 8:50

The lockdowns and the fears that permeate Hillsboro would never happen at Hunters Lane,Stratord,Maplewood,Pearl-Cohn,McGavock,Glencliff. It is only because there is a pre-ponderance of white students at Hillsboro who are not quite used to the culture. Parents are probably screaming bloody murder to Bransford Avenue.

The white parents need to get acclamated about what diversity really encompasses.

By: girliegirl on 11/24/10 at 9:08

....pull them out and place them in private schools.

By: GUARDIAN on 11/24/10 at 12:45

GUARDIAN-Gangs!!!!Get rid of them or watch Nashville, it's way of life and it's schools go to hell.

By: yucchhii on 11/26/10 at 1:05

yucchhii PUT "ALL" streetgangs "AND" wanna bees in a GIANT round steel walled room and give them all oozies and let them kill each other. They'll all be happy that they each killed someone they don't like!