Police identify victim in fatal crash near Summit Medical Center

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 5:18pm
Staff reports

Metro police have identified the person killed late Wednesday morning in an automobile wreck near Summit Medical Center as 42-year-old Michelle Delk, of Portland.

The accident occurred just after 11 a.m. when a Pontiac Grand Am driven by Delk’s niece, 22-year-old Emily Boyer, crossed into oncoming traffic while making a left turn into the medical center entrance off of Old Hickory Boulevard.

An Audi station wagon carrying three adults and two children collided into the passenger side of the Grand Am, knocking that vehicle onto its roof and into another vehicle.

Boyer, also of Portland, was not critically injured. Passengers in the other two vehicles were not injured.

According to police, no evidence at the scene pointed to the involvement of alcohol or drugs in this crash, but at this time the contributing factor appears to be Boyer's failure to yield.

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By: Left-of-Local on 2/9/12 at 9:34

Not to mention the shitastic design of the intersection.

But what do you expect in a city where the geniuses at Public Works (you know... the people who plan garbage pickup) are allowed to plan traffic.

Why DO we have a "department of safety" in governments when the garbage men are going to be allowed to roll the dice on people's lives?

By: NewYorker1 on 2/9/12 at 9:53

WOW!!! I was over there when that accident happened. I'm sorry for all the people involved. My prayers and condolences are with the family and friends of Michelle Delk. So, sad.

By: PKVol on 2/9/12 at 10:58

Left-of-Local, This is a pretty basic intersection, although it does have a large volume of traffic going through there with 3 lanes of thru-traffic in each direction, but she was turning from a turn lane across 3 lanes of traffic. The traffic signal does not have a dedicated arrow, which it should have and probably should be a dedicated-only arrow where left turning traffic can only make a turn when the signal is green-arrow controlled and not just with a green signal too. There is also no turn arrow signal for cars turning left from OHB onto Andrew Jackson Way (for cars travelling the opposite direction on OHB).