Police nab beer bandit

Monday, April 5, 2010 at 1:12pm

Metro police said Monday they’ve nabbed a bandit who made a habit of stealing 18-packs of beer from convenience stores to support his crack habit 

Police arrested Andrew G. Walker, 46, on April Fools’ Day after determining Walker matched the description in numerous reports filed by employees at various gas stations between March 23 and April 1.

Walker is charged with seven misdemeanor counts of theft of merchandise under $500 and one class-C felony count of robbery after a clerk at the Mapco at 2103 21st Ave. S. saw Walker reach into his waistband and feared he had a gun.

Walker allegedly would grab two to four 18-packs of beer at a gas station before running out the door and jumping into a maroon Chevy Lumina. Several of the stores provided police with video of the incidents.

Police said Walker told police he stole the beer to support his crack cocaine habit. He was set to appear in court on Monday morning.

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By: Blanketnazi2 on 4/5/10 at 11:19

It wasn't me!


By: AmyLiorate on 4/5/10 at 2:36

Beer - the gateway drug!

Too bad it wasn't a good "get-a-way" drug, now Mr Walker can do some time in the Metro Sherriff Dept's cell and try the cold turkey rehab method.

"Don't do drugs, drugs are bad. Mmmkay."

By: Nash19 on 4/5/10 at 4:32

Tyrone Biggums. SHAZZAM! "Am I too late for the five o'clock free crack giveaway?"

By: localboy on 4/7/10 at 8:04

Just a portent of things to come if you allow wine in grocery stores...;)