Police nab wanted man after failed window escape

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 6:51pm
Staff reports

Metro police arrested today a man who, while wanted for probation violations in both Putnam and Robertson counties, allegedly attempted to escape through a window of a home in which he apparently was hiding.

Police said they discovered Richard Adams, 24, hiding under a bed in the home, located in the 4300 block of Old Hickory Boulevard in Hermitage. Allegedly attempting to flee, Adams jumped through the window, but the window failed to fully shatter and the suspect suffered cuts and abrasions to his head and face.

Warrants Division Officers Chuck Hagar and Mike Lee used pepper spray to finally force Adams to comply with their orders.

Police said after receiving information that Adams was likely staying at the home with his girlfriend, Jenna Hay, the officers arrived to take the suspect into custody on behalf of the two other jurisdictions. Police said Hay lied when she told officers Adams was not present and later charged her with harboring the suspect.

Adams was treated for his cuts at General Hospital and was booked into the Metro Jail late Wednesday afternoon on charges of assaulting the two officers and resisting arrest. His bond on the Nashville charges is set at $12,000. Adams is also being held for Putnam and Robertson county authorities, with a bond set at $2,000. 

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By: dan3843 on 11/18/10 at 8:12

Yep, them windows on television shows breaks when you jump through'em...reality ain't quite the same.

By: girliegirl on 11/18/10 at 8:15

Ok....too funny, but I actually drove past this scene....must've been 14 cop cars out front, 2 firetrucks, 2 ambulances or more...and they were parked in 2 lanes on the opposite side of the OHB, so oncoming traffic was skirting the scene by playing "chicken" with my side of the OHB. It was quite entertaining, in a very dark way. (lovely picture)