Police: No connection but pattern of criminal activity behind week of shooting death, 12 injuries

Friday, July 19, 2013 at 2:27pm

Police are investigating a series of gunfire incidents that occurred throughout Nashville this week, finding no immediate connections but suggesting previous patterns of criminal activity were a frequent contributing factor.

Six different shootings have occurred since Saturday, leading to one death, eight gunshot injuries and four other injuries resulting from a car wreck after one of the shootings. Three of the incidents took place in North Nashville, the other three in East, South and West Nashville.

Harold Carr, 27, has been tentatively identified as the victim in Thursday’s fatal shooting on Booker Street near 28th Avenue North. Shots were fired at the vehicle Carr was riding in, also injuring the driver, Sidney Alonzo Stuart, 28. The suspects in the case are as yet unidentified.

Four teenagers were wounded on Wednesday following an exchange of gunfire between two vehicles on Buena Vista Pike. Charles Keith Williams and Darryn Carter, both 18, along with Emmanuel Webb and Richard Jackson, both 19, all suffered injuries when the vehicle they were in crashed into a telephone pole after the gunfire. Police said the occupants in the other vehicle drove away and have yet to be found.

Three people were wounded by gunfire in the James Cayce public housing development on South Seventh Street Monday evening. Police suspect attempted robbery related to marijuana and money are contributing factors. Jamahl Saunders, 25, Derek Waters, 25, and Roderick Bone, 24, were all injured in the incident.

Also on Monday, a 19-year-old was shot in the calf on Arthur Avenue in a conflict related to a basketball game. Police have not released the victim’s name and do not suspect drug activity.

The South Precinct is investigating a gunfire incident on Saturday, July 13, in the parking lot of the Mt. View Road Kroger related to an intended drug deal. Jerome Dobbins, 30, and Lamont Thompson, 26, both suffered leg wounds.

Just before midnight that same evening, Maurice House, 22, was wounded in the leg in the Edgehill and 12th Avenue South area and was found in possession of marijuana.

Police do not believe any of the incidents are related. Don Aaron, spokesman for the Metro Nashville Police Department, cited a pattern of criminal activity between the victims and suspects as the common denominator.

Nine of the 12 victims had prior convictions for drugs, firearms or robbery, police said.

Police spokeswoman Kristin Mumford noted that Nashville’s violent offenses are down this year by 7 percent. Through July 13, 2012, there had been 4,108 violent crimes reported. This year, 3,788 had been reported before this series of incidents.

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By: lusksavage on 7/20/13 at 10:50

Well, of course there is the one connection of the ease of acquiring and massive proliferation of firearms in the city.

By: dixiehopper on 7/21/13 at 6:30

One could also argue that the causation is due to the increasing influx of gang banging turds from Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta , et al. Firearms have proliferated here for decades with no problem, however the proliferation of half-raised, semi-literate, thug wannabees is more recent. Especially over the past 5-8 years. But feel free to ignore the real issue and continue to blame inanimate objects. That's a strategy thats worked GREAT for other cities.

By: nibroc on 7/22/13 at 8:33

Tell it like it is Dixie. North Nashville, South Chicago or South Central LA the problem is the same, and it is not the availability of registered firearms.

By: JeffF on 7/22/13 at 7:37

Did the police hit Vandy campus and check where the football team was hanging during the crimes?