Police officer allegedly put hand into waitress’ pants

Monday, May 10, 2010 at 2:23pm
Staff reports

A 13-year Metro Police Department veteran is facing two counts of sexual battery for allegedly putting his hand into the pants of a female waitress.

Anthony Jackson, 38, was indicted Friday by a Davidson County grand jury.

The alleged incident happened at a Hickory Hollow restaurant in the early morning hours of Feb. 22 while Jackson was off duty, police said. Jackson was decommissioned April 7 as a result of the criminal investigation. He surrendered to detectives Friday afternoon.

Police said investigators developed Jackson as a suspect after reviewing credit card charges at the establishment. The victim subsequently identified him from a photo lineup.

The police department’s Office of Professional Accountability is conducting a separate administrative investigation.

Jackson’s bond is set at $5,000.

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By: T. Payne on 5/10/10 at 2:41

My idol.

By: DDG on 5/11/10 at 6:59

Dum b as s

By: xhexx on 5/11/10 at 10:58

Only police should have guns in restaurants because they are so law abiding. Funny, we don't hear about HCP holders doing crap like this.

By: GUARDIAN on 5/11/10 at 12:35

Where's the real story. There's more to this we aren't being told.

By: budlight on 5/11/10 at 4:25

Anybody can accuse anybody of anything. I'm with Guardian. Let's get "the rest of the story".

By: fanninkw on 5/13/10 at 5:47

Ya'll are a joke. On posts that arent about the police - the bails are too low .. judges all suck for being too easy on folks and people should be shot in the streets for being "criminals" ... but suddenly on a post where one of your "gang" does something wrong the victim is suddenly the problem !! I read these things and never say a word because I see this attack coming and hear your minds locking shut after your vomit the garbage you hold so close to your hearts ... but its people like you that force judges to step back and consider things that seem like common sense to the rest of us because you are borderline insane and living in a all or nothing unrealistic world where most of us choose to stay as far from as possible. No doubt most of you are behind barbed wire and planning how to live in the mountains when the revolution starts. If you need a game plan "Charlie Mansion" already put together a step by step guide. . The rules need to apply to all of us ... at a reasonable rate. The gang members shouldnt all be shot in the streets and the police shouldnt be able to grab an ass and arrest someone who smoked a damn joint !!! Today I watched Monte Watkins give a guy 2 days in jail without even hearing his case because the kid didnt pull his pants up far enough - so he was considered in contempt of court. I am not judging whether that is right or wrong ... in fact I kinda found it cool that he demanded respect for the "concept" of law and order .... but then I see that people bashed him for being too soft. Are you out of your mind !! That is why I had to say something ... judges are the people who we trust to find medium ground between nuts like me and nuts like ya'll. My team seems to sit back and shake their heads rather than bothering to deal with the confrontation ... but that makes it appear as though there is one opinion out there ... YOURS. I want to feel safe ... I want to be hard on criminals and I want everyone to live happily ever after too ... BUT I also think YOUR son shouldnt be a sex offender for life becasue he screwed his 17 year old girlfriend. ... we screwed ours too. I also dont think its ok for some drunk to arrest your daughter becasue she did a line of coke with her college friends in the park as the NAZI ass Metro idiots rolled down and destroyed the kids lives rather than sending them home with advice and a good scare like WE were given before the biggest gang of all (police) came on the scene. I suspect most of you torch carriers are police the way you talk about the wonderful cops who throw people in jail and the rotten bastard DA's and judeges who let them go rather than dragging them through the streets and flogged. I wish we could turn back the clocks on you paper tigers and apologize for kicking your dopey asses so you wouldnt find it so satisfying to abuse the power you got when you were handed that badge and gun. If you want to be tough ... join the military or walk into the real war zones of Nashville and stop fluffing your feathers as if you did something as you take our scared kids to jail for tresspassing at the park with their girlfriends !!!!!! STOP PLEASE ... I know there is a REAL police officer reading this right now and he is offended ... SIR ... I was not talking to you. That is another reason I dont usually respond at all as I read these things. There are men out there who (although you piss me off when I get a ticket or do some other stupid thing) would risk their lives to help me tomorrow and I thank God for you. Please dont think I am taking anything from you as I write this becasue although I am ... ummmm ... "morally casual" ... I am still a really good person and respect all other good people. You may be caught up in the wave of "teams" .... but you shake your head too and then you do what I usually do .... just keep quiet. You my friends are my heros ... but tomorrow you will roll with your GANG and I will roll with mine ... and that is whatr needs to change. Good is good ... bad is bad ... and some how we need to be able to spot each other and form new gangs ... !!!!!!