Police say Hillwood student admitted firing fatal shot into crowd

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 9:50pm
Staff reports

A 16-year-old student at Hillwood High School is facing criminal homicide charges in the May 15 shooting outside the Sultan Cafe on Nolensville Road.

Kowan Choli Ahmad, 22, was fatally shot after a dispute at a private party inside the restaurant. The business owner ushered out the group of guests.

The 10th-grader on Wednesday admitted to detectives that he fired several shots into the crowd that had gathered outside the restaurant, police said.

Ahmad received a critical bullet wound to the neck. He died May 25.

The teen is charged at Juvenile Court and is being held pending a detention hearing.

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By: richgoose on 8/26/10 at 6:08

I am delighted that Hillwood High School was mentioned in this article. This is just another reminder for the residents of a beautiful neighborhood not to subject your children to a culture totally foreign to civilization.

By: Karl_Warden on 8/26/10 at 6:16

A certain sector of Nashville seems to take joy in vilifying Hillwood High School. It is tagged as this danger ridden place, filled with thugs; a place to be avoided at all costs. And your headline certainly fits in nicely with that set of prejudices.

I just checked. The Sultan Cafe is 11.3 miles from Hillwood High School. What does your headline tout? Hillwood High School. Why?

This child was not on school grounds. The child was not participating in a school activity. This child almost certainly has affiliations other than that he goes to Hillwood. But you put Hillwood up prominently in your headline so that you could sell your news by reinforcing the stereotypes of your target of middle class readers.

Good job. You might have made a few advertising dollars off a cheap shot. In the meantime, students attending Hillwood now face potential employers who have been prejudiced against Hillwood by nonsense like your headline.

There are plenty of decent children who go to Hillwood. They get a solid education there. Hillwood has an IB program, meaning graduates of the program have a degree recognized by every college in every country. Hillwood offers advance placement classes so that students can graduate with hours of college credit.

But you go right ahead. Reinforce prejudices. I am sure you had only the best interests of Nashville at heart.

By: Karl_Warden on 8/26/10 at 6:40

Thank you richgoose. You made my point nicely.

By: Mr_Blackman on 8/26/10 at 6:58

Ahhh. You don't like that Hillwood High was dragged into this, but it's ok to put Islam on trial for the actions of a few deviants who so happen to claim to be Muslims? What does that have to do with this you ask? It's the same scenario.

"He who gives the diameter of your Knowledge prescribes the circumference of your activity."

By: richgoose on 8/26/10 at 7:48

Karl Warden......You miss my message entirely. Students from another culture are bused into the Hillwood High School. The nieghborhood is one of the better neighborhoods in Davidson County.

By: SirKnight on 8/26/10 at 8:52

richgoose, I took your 'delight' in the mentioning of Hillwood HS seriously and assumed you were relishing in the negative smear this school continues to receive, despite being an excellent school with very few reports of violent activities that it once had.

My daughter is a sophomore there and though she says she is aware of illicit activities outside of school, she says she doesn't see them happening AT the school. Like any school (private ones, too), there are bad kids being brought up in corrupt or dysfunctional families. Why tag the school with the dishonor rather than the family or the neighborhood he lives in?

I don't understand why a headline like this is necessary no matter what school the child attended. It suggests that a shot was fired into a crowd at the school, when, in fact, the crime was committed on the other side of town! More often than not, our local city papers read like Hollywood tabloids. It's sad and disgusting.

By: richgoose on 8/26/10 at 9:42

SirKnight..........I agree with you to the extent that the Tennessean took a real pot shot at Hillwood High School. I see no reason for Hillwood to be anything more than a footnote in this article.

I am guessing that you frequent Las Vegas quite often. When you subject your child to a culture that is different (I assume) from your value system it is always a gamble.

By: FredFlintstone on 8/26/10 at 11:20

This school, that school... one kid killed another kid in our town and the shooter or the shot could easily have been someone any of us know. It's traggic.

By: Karl_Warden on 8/26/10 at 4:51

Another culture? What culture would that be richgoose?

Would you, for instance, define the culture by economic criteria? Are you suggesting well to do kids ought not commingle with kids of a lower median family income?

Or, given your comments, would you define the culture on a behavioral basis? Could people slip in and out of a behavioral culture as their behavior improved or worsened?

Maybe you are using some other criteria to define culture here. Are there vastly different cultures here in Nashville?

richgoose, I am fully aware of the neighborhood and of the children who go to Hillwood. My child went to Hillwood quite recently. He got a solid education and had 14 hours of college credit when he graduated.

Yes, Hillwood, like most other public schools in Nashville, has a lot of kids from low income families. Last year the Hillwood student population was at the 69.6% economically disadvantaged level. Overall, Metro Public Schools are at 75.9% economically disadvantaged. Know why? Because of the myth around here that a child cannot receive a decent education at a public school. Come 5th grade children of families with money as whisked off the a nice private school where they will not have to mix with "that kind" during the day. And what is left? Why kids from families with generally lower incomes. All of the ingredients necessary for a self fulfilling prophecy. And yet, our public schools still provide a decent, solid, education.

Oh, one more thing richgoose. When you write something in a public forum, you might want to check on the name of the forum. The article in question is in the City Paper, not the Tennessean.

By: richgoose on 8/27/10 at 6:18

Karl_Warden..............If you were happy with your child's experience at Hillwood High Schoool it should not matter what I think.

I use the definition of culture as "the way a certain person or group does things.. I believe that we are all "what we eat so to speak". I would prefer that my kids eat what I serve. The culture of the upscale Hillwood neighborhood is not the same as the culture of the neighborhoods from which the "economically disadvantaged " are bused.