Police seek young man who punched juvenile court officer

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 7:19pm
Staff reports

Metro police are looking for a young black man, possibly a teenager, who allegedly punched a juvenile court officer in the face in a convenience store parking lot.

The incident took place around 5:45 p.m. Monday at a market at the intersection of Eighth Avenue North and Jefferson Street. The juvenile court officer, 38-year-old Alonzo Giles, was loading ice into coolers for his youth football team when police said a two-door black Pontiac G-6 pulled up.

When the driver, who police said appeared to be a teenager, asked Giles if he was a juvenile court officer, Giles looked up only to be punched in the face by a passenger who had also arrived in the Pontiac.

Giles was treated at Baptist Hospital for a bloodied nose and sore face.

Police described the suspect who punched Giles as a black teenager with dreadlocks and gold teeth. Anyone with information on the suspect or the black Pontiac G-6 can call Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.

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By: dogmrb on 8/30/11 at 7:37

Sounds like gang/ fraternity hazing!

By: 742180 on 8/31/11 at 6:53

Dred Locks...Gold Teeth...It was Chris Johnson. A CJ sighting in the hood.

By: Nitzche on 8/31/11 at 7:16

we don''t use black anymore...it is African American..wait a minute, when we are suspects we are black, when whitey is keepin us down African american...i see?

By: jonw on 8/31/11 at 7:40


# # #V # # # # #

Ever consider that one does not have to be from African ancestors to be Black, or at least very dark?
Get over it Blackie.

By: 742180 on 8/31/11 at 8:19

...keeping you down!! Man, its insane how long some holdonto a 'crutch'. The only thing holding you down is ignorance, and a lack of morals, and the insistance of holding on to 'culture' which is self defeating in its very nature.

No one, I repeat NO ONE wants to see blacks succeed and contribute to society more than white people. By doing so the cost of supporting the non contributors will decrease exponentially.

Get over yourself, educate yourself, stay with your family, conform only minimally and you will find your plight in life will become MUCH easier.

By: Shadow63 on 8/31/11 at 8:51

Nitzche - How about just American?
Get over slavery dude, You have a black congressman, a black senator, The president of the United States is a black man. Not getting ahead today is your fault, not my great, great grandfathers

By: GUARDIAN on 8/31/11 at 12:19

GUARDIAN- The slave owners of the last 50 years are democrats and black crooks posing as leaders of their community.

By: rbull on 8/31/11 at 4:29

Hey Shawdow 63 you are right the President is black, but I'm not sure he is a man at this point.