Police seize 200 pounds of pot, $1.3M in alleged drug distribution conspiracy

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 7:18pm
Staff reports

Eight people, 200 pounds of marijuana, $1.3 million cash and 22 guns are off the streets following a three-week-long law enforcement investigation by federal, state and local agencies.

Authorities allege that at least eight people trafficked large amounts of marijuana to Nashville and prompted an investigation that led to those arrests and confiscations. Drug agents in Nashville, Maury County, Smyrna, and Birmingham, Ala., participated in the investigation.

According to Metro police, airborne drug agents followed two vehicles to Nashville after officers on Monday learned that a marijuana shipment was en route from Alabama.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol pulled the vehicles over on Interstate 65 in Davidson County. According to the police department, officers found 120 pounds of marijuana and arrested three people on charges involving conspiring to distribute marijuana.

They are: Ronald Dean Hall, 46, of 1400 Mohawk Trail, Madison ($50,000 bond); James Ray Jones, 36, of 7956 Whites Creek Pike, Goodlettsville ($62,000 bond); and Scotty Lee Jones, 28, of 313 Santa Rosa, Old Hickory ($50,000 bond).

Police then executed search warrants in the mid-state area, including at 4571 Dugger Road in Culleoka (Maury County) where law enforcement allegedly seized 8 pounds of marijuana, 21 guns and $1.2 million cash ($100,000 was located in a trailer; $1.1 million in $100 bills was found inside a military ammunition can concealed in the trunk of an abandoned vehicle on the property).

There authorities arrested Jerry Lee Tuttle, 63, who is charged with engaging in a marijuana distribution conspiracy, weapon possession by a convicted felon, felony marijuana possession and felony cocaine possession ($2 million bond); and Tammy Ann Tuttle, 44, Jerry Tuttle’s wife, who is charged with engaging in a marijuana distribution conspiracy, felony marijuana possession and felony cocaine possession ($2 million bond).

At 1126 Remuda Circle in Smyrna, officers and agents allegedly found 80 pounds of marijuana, one pistol-grip shotgun and $125,000 cash. There they arrested Christopher Lee Tuttle (Jerry Tuttle’s son), 38, who is charged with felony marijuana possession ($10,000 bond); and Shawn Patrick Evans, 36, who is charged with felony marijuana possession ($10,000 bond).

Also charged with engaging in marijuana distribution conspiracy in the case is Nashvillian Nathan Ray Phillips, 32, of 2921 Old Franklin Road.

Police allege they found a “small amount” of marijuana and $12,000 cash during a search of Phillips’ apartment Tuesday.

The investigation also included the Davidson County District Attorney’s Office, the 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Maury County Sheriff’s Office, the Smyrna Police Department and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

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By: spooky24 on 4/26/12 at 4:04

Charge them in federal court and put them away for good. I sure would not want to be the one who ratted them out..


By: dargent7 on 4/26/12 at 5:27

Who has $1.5 million in $100. dollar bills in their home?
The weed is one thing, but 22 guns?
Lock 'em up for being hillbilly stupid.

By: BigPapa on 4/26/12 at 6:38

a colossal waste of time and effort by the police. file this under waste of my tax dollars and a waste of their time.

By: slewfoot on 4/26/12 at 7:05

agree BigPapa, stop the prohibition on marijauna and you wouldn't have these situations. Just like alcohol in the early 20th century, it causes more crime when you outlaw these type of things.

By: RTungsten on 4/26/12 at 8:11

Legalize and tax it at 20%. Sadly they probably spent more than $1.3m in resources to catch these folks.

By: phkauf on 4/26/12 at 8:33

What about the cocaine and the guns....22 guns might be for sale too....???

By: NewYorker1 on 4/26/12 at 9:06

200 lbs of pot, $1.3 mil in cash, and 22 guns are the REPORTED amounts found. I bet it was more than that and the cops kept some for themselves. I have cops in my family and I know for a fact they get the munchies. LOL>>>>

By: BigPapa on 4/26/12 at 12:41

Legalize and tax it at 20%. Sadly they probably spent more than $1.3m in resources to catch these folks.

Yes, they have these big press releases, but yes, I'm sure it's a net loss.

By: TITAN1 on 4/26/12 at 2:57

Great work, officers!

By: Loner on 4/27/12 at 2:56

Somebody ratted.....what a colossal waste of police resources, court time and eventual incarceration costs.....and a waste of humanity.....but right-wing knuckleheads cheer the police on anyway....go figure.