Police take cautious approach to report of gunman near elementary school

Friday, August 20, 2010 at 6:45pm

A south Nashville middle school is no longer on lock down after police investigating a nearby burglary said they believed the suspect was not still in the area.

In fact, there may not have been a burglary at all.

Croft Middle School on Elysian Fields Road was under lock down for about an hour and 15 minutes following a report of a burglary at 424 Bellengrath Drive where a suspect believed to be the victim’s grandson reportedly burglarized the home and fled on foot.

During the police investigation, however, family members disagreed on what happened and decided not to press charges, according to police spokesman Don Aaron. One family member said a burglary occurred, but another said that wasn’t the case.

An initial report stated the man might have been armed with a long gun, prompting the nearby school to be locked down. Police later said that report appeared to be incorrect.