Police veteran accused of having sexual relations with child

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 11:12am
Staff reports

James Stackhouse, an 18-year veteran of the Metro Police Department resigned last week following allegations he had inappropriate relations with a child.

Metro Police spokesperson Don Aaron said the department received information about the allegations over the weekend and informed Stackhouse early Monday, Aug. 3. He submitted a one-sentence, hand-written resignation Tuesday, Aug. 4.

WSMV reports that the alleged incident involved a Wilson County girl who may have been as young as 12.

Metro Police did not reveal details about the alleged incident because it took place on Dale Hollow Lake and is being investigated by the Clay County Sheriff’s Department.

"In the early morning of Aug. 3, Officer Stackhouse was called in and was presented with the allegations and was questioned or talked to about the allegations," Aaron told WSMV. "They were very serious, and a situation like this warranted his immediate decommissioning and the admonishment that disciplinary action would begin immediately."

At the time of his resignation, Stackhouse, 46, was a field training officer at the Hermitage Precinct.

No charges have been filed against Stackhouse.

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By: rwjacksr on 8/11/09 at 12:30

He probably will not be charged, and the family will be told there is not enough evidence to prosicute. There is not enough evidence becsuse they will cover up and distroy the evidence of yet another pediphile, zmoney kept Michael Jackson from going to prison, the good old boy coverup will keep this ex police officer out of jail. If it were one of the officers little girls what would happen then?

By: TITAN1 on 8/11/09 at 12:35

I guess you have proof there will be a cover up? Sheesh, what a comment!

By: TharonChandler on 8/11/09 at 12:38

There was no reason for him to resign unless he was guilty as charged. In this modern world, or should I say simply in US politics, there is a lot of 'domestic terrorism' going on with scare tactics involved around Vice such as 'child porn' and 'Arson' (forest fires). Though these occurances are sad and illegal if/ when true it is too often just the 'shock & Awe' and potentially huge "Shame" associated with the 'charge' that could be used to frame up and declassify an innocent man, for the purposes of the actuall 'bad guys'. Some incumbents and attorneys and white supremesists belive in such terror tactics to 'protect america', when what they are actually protecting is too often an elitist political system that allows all kinds of terrible perks for their own benefactors, while they 'sacrifice' innocent others. In the case of forest fire (on which could be and is written rheams and volumes with regard to ethics), the 'shriners' use the terror against men whom would camp in the woods rather than willingly be killed by a hospital.

By: frank brown on 8/11/09 at 2:23

When it comes to a "police person", I would believe anything is possible from that type personality.

By: govskeptic on 8/12/09 at 10:50

Resignation(while still being able to draw a pension & charges being dropped or reduced) is acceptable to far too many DA's in this state when certain public payroll individuals are involved. If you doubt this just pay attention in the future.

By: OPENmindedONE on 8/12/09 at 1:58

I'd just like to take a moment to remind everyone that this is one more case of a heterosexual taking advantage of a minor.

So often it is argued that homosexuals are the ones that prey on children. My thanks to the City Paper for sharing this.

By: govskeptic on 8/12/09 at 2:31

For openminded: I think when can agree it's disgusting and far more prevelent no matter the gender or orientation.