President nominates MNPD deputy chief for U.S. Marshal

Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 9:01pm
Staff reports

President Barack Obama nominated Metro police Deputy Chief Louise W. Kelton as U.S. Marshal for the Middle District of Tennessee on Thursday.

A 31-year veteran with the Metro Nashville Police Department, Kelton rose through the ranks eventually serving as commander of the North Precinct before her appointment to deputy chief in 2008. She has an undergraduate degree from Tennessee State and a master’s from Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tenn.

“I am deeply honored to receive President Obama’s nomination for the post of Middle Tennessee’s U.S. Marshal,” Kelton said. “I have devoted my professional career to law enforcement in Nashville and am proud to serve as a member of the Metropolitan Police Department. I now look forward to the U.S. Senate’s confirmation process.”

"These dedicated law enforcement officials have devoted their careers to serving and protecting the American people, distinguishing themselves as the best and brightest at every turn," President Obama said. "I am grateful for their service and honored to nominate them as United States Marshals."

According to the federal General Accounting Office, “the President, with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoints U.S. Marshals for a four-year term.”

If confirmed Kelton, would replace U.S. Marshal Denny King, who has held the post since 2002, when he was appointed by former President George W. Bush.

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By: Nitzche on 2/3/12 at 7:57

Is she a muslim?

By: Roger3600 on 2/3/12 at 8:25

Niether is she a KKK member so she's not related to you Nitzche

By: Left-of-Local on 2/3/12 at 9:23

Oh, buuuuuurn.

But yeah. Aside from checking her for DUI history, this is a selection the thinking people of Davidson County should be proud of.

By: rickmuz on 2/3/12 at 10:18

" I now look forward to the U.S. Senate’s confirmation process.”
I wouldn't hold my breath on that one Chief... the left side of the aisle nor the right side of the aisle has been in any hurry to confirm anyone lately.

By: Nitzche on 2/3/12 at 11:43

Why can't I ask if she is a Muslim, are you prejudiced against our religion?

By: pswindle on 2/3/12 at 11:48

Don't be funny, we know what you meant.

By: Ask01 on 2/3/12 at 12:44

Considering all the scandals connected to MNPD recently, she should jump at the chance to get off the sinking ship. Three DUIs in two months, not to mention all the other questionable conduct by MNPD personnel, I'd jump at the opportunity to distance myself from this department.

Good for her.

By: rickmuz on 2/5/12 at 10:19

@Ask01... On the other side of that you could say that the office of Professional Accountability (Internal Affairs) is doing a pretty good job of weeding out the bad apples. There are bad employees in any "company" (un)fortunately cops are held to a higher standard and when they screw up it is both big news and a mockery of how the "mighty" have fallen.

I'd hardly consider the MNPD a sinking ship.

By: LizzyD on 2/6/12 at 9:37

I have no way to know, but it appears that she is one of the very good apples in the MNPD organization. One should remember just how "different" things were 31 years ago -- and I have no doubt that it will be very good for her, personally, to remove herself from the thugs who now apply to be "law enforcement officers." Starting in our legislature and moving all the way down to those who serve in the trenches, public service is becoming a less and less "honorable" thing -- and anyone who IS honorable is likely to be attacked by both literal and metaphorical "thugs."

This is a problem that needs to be addressed, folks. And wasting time worrying about what people do in their own private religious and secular relationships is nothing but a sham to prevent us from seeing the real problems in this society.

I wish this lady well. I hope that such nominations are not "held up" due to nasty partisanship in our federal legislature. Her 31 years are appreciated by all who remember what life was like a mere 31 years ago, before the crazies took over, when reason and honor (although not perfect) outweighed thuggery.

By: Nitzche on 2/6/12 at 9:33

what did I mean? man you are do you do that?