Prosecution asks Carnival Kia owner be barred from contact with wife

Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 12:56pm

The prosecution has filed a motion to add to the bond conditions of Chris Bostick, the well-known owner of Nashville area Carnival Kia automobile dealerships.

Bostick was charged last week with assaulting his wife, Dessie Bostick, and possessing an AR-15 rifle as well as a handgun, which according to police is a crime because Bostick has a previous felony conviction in Brevard County, Fla.

In a filing before the Williamson County General Sessions Court, Assistant District Attorney Jessica Borne has requested that Bostick be barred from having any contact with his wife, vacate or stay away from any location where his wife is likely to be (home for example), and barred from possessing or consuming alcohol or controlled substances.

A hearing on these proposed changes to Bostick's bond is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 21.

On Sunday, Nov. 4, Brentwood police were dispatched to the Bostick home on Princeton Hills Drive in Williamson County.

According to court documents, a verbal altercation occurred at the couple’s residence and Chris Bostick asked his wife to leave. When leaving, Chris Bostick allegedly slammed the door on her, causing it to strike the right side of her face and leave a visible knot. When she reached for her phone to call police, he then knocked the phone from her hand, according to the court documents.

She then drove to the Brentwood High School parking lot where she met police, who then returned with her to the residence. According to police, Chris Bostick had fled the scene on foot, but Dessie Bostick escorted the officers to the bedroom where the AR-15 and handgun were found. The police report goes on to state that multiple safes containing more firearms were at the residence, but Dessie Bostick didn’t know the combinations.

Chris Bostick surrendered to Brentwood police the next morning. Prominent Nashville criminal defense attorney and former U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee Ed Yarbrough is representing Bostick in the matter.

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By: govskeptic on 11/15/12 at 12:32

Isn't this type of motion normally filed by the wife if she wants this type protection?
Sounds like this particular Prosecutor is wanting to "Blow her own horn" for personal
publicity in the case, as well as to spoil a potential Jury pool, or enhance her case
before some future Judge. Fairness to all is also a desirable trait for the Prosecution
in most Jurisdictions.

By: predsgirl1 on 11/15/12 at 1:21

No. Because it's a criminal prosecution, the wife cannot, on her own, file the motions. Bond condition changes must be filed by either the District Attorney or the defense attorney, unless the condition is changed sua sponte by the judge. Filing the motion and having it argued in open court for all to hear is fair. If Ms. Bostick whats an order of protection (which is a civil matter handled separately from the criminal prosecution), then she can file for that and that would be heard in a proceeding separate from the criminal proceeding. They are completely different animals.

By: gid on 11/15/12 at 2:36

Dont you leave till you see me....Or see the side of the door

By: cookevillegran on 11/15/12 at 3:00

I was amazed when I first read about this. He gives the appearance of being a real family man with a beautiful wife. What a crock. I am so sorry that his children have to see their parents like this. Sad situation. He should be ashamed.

By: RTungsten on 11/15/12 at 3:27

1. Pretty sure his wife is about a foot taller than he is. Bet she could take him in a fight.

2. Hope this leads to less commercials on TV.

3. How'd this joker get a lot off 96? Come on, Franklin. Wise up!

By: Rasputin72 on 11/15/12 at 4:36

I think the wife understands the divorce laws quite well she probably deserved a gasoline enema but her adroit handling of the probable provocation worked beautifully in her favor.

Any high income high net worth male who actively seeks out marriage deserves to be destroyed by a wife .

In this time on earth the high income males are better off leasing in tenn by the night,month or year.

By: Ask01 on 11/16/12 at 4:21

I wonder if we'll see this on an episode of Nashville?

By: sonny1024 on 11/16/12 at 6:36

Husbands and wife's fighting is bad but having children makes it double bad but if this guy wasn't who he is would we be having this conversation? couples have arguments and some do fight but we never hear about those in the news unless it involves a big name .We have to remember that he is only charged he hasn't been convicted of anything so give the guy the benefit of doubt until it's over in the courts.

By: st8of10ec on 11/16/12 at 8:09

I'm pretty sure Dessie could take him in a fair fight,probably why he needs the guns.

By: Jughead on 11/16/12 at 8:46

FREE CHRIS!!! This is nothing but economic terrorism to bring down the South Korean gov't. We need more Kia's, and we need to dance Gangnam style in support of Chris.

By: dargent7 on 11/16/12 at 9:42

Can't wait for this year's Christmas tv commercial.

By: Rocket99 on 11/16/12 at 9:54

Beginning to smell a rat in all of this and it's not the one who should have testicles. I'd almost be willing to bet that she is the real owner of the firearms and placed them in the house prior to the fight knowing it would cause major problems.

When couples split and large sums of money and/or children are involved, it can be down right nasty. Both sides may do things to discredit the other so their share is bigger and the custody goes their way. Have seen it happen in the past.

Not saying he's a saint. I'm sure he's not.

Wonder if the real fight is over his boyfriend or her girlfriend.

By: Rasputin72 on 11/16/12 at 10:28

Rocket99........I can see your point of view. If I were betting without knowledge I would bet on the boyfriend.

By: cowboyjoe on 11/16/12 at 10:40

Sounds like she woke up, looked around and wondered how in the h#ll did I wind up with this guy?

By: freddy on 11/16/12 at 10:59

The Taliban would just take her out and shoot her. poor little guy was probably afraid for his life.

By: wasaw on 11/16/12 at 11:13

What a difference a year makes! Just about this time last year, Chris, Dessie and the kids were all around the tree telling how much better Christmas would be, in a Kia.

I'm totally blown away with Chris hiring Ed Yarbrough. Ed primarily represents Nashville drug dealers and up till I retired, worked mostly in the Nashville court system. Ol' Chris better start selling more Kia's becasue Dessie's legal bill ain't going to be cheap. I'm betting on Rose Palermo. Does anyone know yet who she's hired.

Let's hope that Dessie and Chris work things out, if only for the kids. Dessie can take responsibility for ownership of all the guns and the state of Florida might drop all charges. Do you reckon Chris had the where-with-all to put the guns in Dessie's name? If she would make this kind of agreement, she'd own him, FOREVER.

Actually, I think I'm wrong about the state of Florida possibly dropping the weapons charges. I believe the Feds now have the responsibility for the weapons charges. Ed does a lot of work in the Middle TN Federal Courthouse. He's a 'Pub but acts like a Dem. Maybe Ed has a pipeline to Eric Holder. Maybe some of these weapons are involved in "Fast & Furious"? You never know!

By: Badbob on 11/16/12 at 4:58

Who would have thought all you had to do to hide illegal items was put them in a safe in your house. I bet drug dealers all over Middle Tennessee are buying safes this weekend.

What is his felony in Florida?

By: Ask01 on 11/17/12 at 8:06

I wondered also about how she immediately showed the weapons to the police.

I couldn't help but wonder how much she was involved in keeping his background hidden, which is not really a problem, as everyone has the right to a new start, but considering I am left with the impression she was keeping all this information as ammunition if ever needed.

Whatever the backstory is, I'm sure the saga will prove very entertaining in a sordid sort of way.

By: honda1 on 11/20/12 at 6:20

I'm probably really naive but it could be that Dessie, who looks much younger than Chris, didn't know about what happened in 1989, 23 years ago. She accompanied the police to her house and the gun was out in plain view. The police probably asked her about other weapons and she told them. Just saying!!!!

By: Silverado1960 on 11/22/12 at 3:35

I thought aggravated assault was a felony, at least it use to be for anyone else.
Laws must be supporting fame & wealth in this case I guess.